Lions Hit the Catwalk for a Good Cause

Members of Adamstown Lions Club have scrubbed up nicely to raise much needed funds for the Australian Lions Foundation’s Flood Appeal.

Last year, Lion Judith Mulhearn suggested hosting a fashion show fundraiser at the Club’s board meeting after reading stories about homelessness and domestic violence in the local papers.

2021’s inaugural fashion show supported Jenny’s Place, a Newcastle-based organisation supporting women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and/or homelessness.

“It went so well, we decided to do it again,” said Mulhearn.

This year’s event was held in mid-June and saw Lions modelling ponchos, blazers and bowties as attendees drank champagne and enjoyed cake.

A Lion modelling in the fashion parade


“We had a mix of our club members and their friends, members of the public and members of other Lions Clubs in attendance,” said Mulhearn.

With the support of local businesses, who donated vouchers and goods for raffles and lucky door prizes, the Club was able to raise $4,500.

This money will go towards supporting those affected by the devastating floods in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

The Club will next be hosting a Spring fashion show in September.

You can keep up to date with Adamstown Lions Club here.

Donvale Lions Club Supports Local School Students

For many families in Australia, sending children to school camp is a luxury that they simply cannot afford.

Donvale Lions Club has partnered with 4 local schools to ensure that children don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience all that school camps have to offer.

For a child to attend, it typically costs between $200 and $300, depending on their age, meaning that many children go without.

Since becoming involved with LCIF’s Peace Poster initiative approximately 15 years ago, the Club has built strong relationships with the schools in the local community.

It was through regular contact with these schools that the Club learned of the hardships faced by many families in their area.





Leni Moodie of Donvale Lions Club said that members of the Club remembered their own experiences at school camp fondly and felt compelled to support the children unable to attend.

“We simply couldn’t bear the thought of a kid not attending school camp and being singled out and staying behind,” said Moodie.

Donvale Lions Club typically supports 3 to 6 children at any given time, meaning that fundraising is particularly important.

Whilst many of us use Saturday mornings to sleep in, members of Donvale Lions Club operate a weekly barbeque at their local shopping centre. To supplement these donations, the Club runs a Trash and Treasure market and participate in other fundraisers to ensure a steady flow of funds to support the local children.

Moodie says that she “wouldn’t have it any other way”.

School camps, aside from being fun, promote independence, foster the development of new skills and encourage social interaction.

In 2019, the Victorian Government also recognised the importance of making school camps accessible to all children by introducing the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund. This Government initiative hoped to alleviate the financial burden of school camps, much like the Lions Club of Donvale.

“The Lions Club of Donvale is not very large, but what we do get involved in, we give it our best!”

You can find out more about Donvale Lions Club’s initiative here.

Valentine Lions Club Wins Top Club Service Project Award

The Lions Club of Valentine refer to themselves as ‘the Club with the big heart” and it couldn’t be more true. At our recent Mini Convention in Melbourne, the Club was awarded the Top Club Service Project for their ongoing commitment to supporting their local community.

Stemming from a partnership with a local not-for-profit, Valentine Lions Club has directly helped over 2250 people in the community since 2021.

The Club has joined forces with Survivors R Us, a local organisation that directly supports those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, and unemployment.

Amidst yet another Covid-19 outbreak in 2021, Lions banded together to care for their community and support its vulnerable members, whilst lifting the profile of Lions and their commitment to serving others.

“The members of the Lions Club of Valentine have been super enthusiastic about our involvement with this project. It has invigorated our Club and given it a real focus during the second year of the Covid pandemic,” said Vice President Dawn Lambert.

Valentine Lions cooking a weekly breakfast at Survivors R Us

Each week since July 2021, Lions have cooked a hot, hearty breakfast available to anyone who needs it. But the Club’s support of the community extends well beyond the weekly breakfast.

With the help of grants from the NSW Government totalling over $32,000, Valentine Lions Club has put together 195 food hampers, 195 Christmas hampers, 405 toy packs, 152 ‘Back to School’ backpacks, and 576 dignity care packs for people of all ages. All of these were distributed to disadvantaged members of their local community, in partnership with Survivors R Us.

In addition to accumulating over 900 hours of work on this project, the Club nominated Survivors R Us as the sole beneficiary of the $6,000 raised during their annual Christmas raffle to assist with their continuing work.

Valentine Lions presenting Maria Martin, founder of Survivors R Us, with the proceeds from their Christmas raffle

Valentine Lions Club’s ‘Caring for the Community’ project is ongoing and continues to uplift those in their community. Yet again proving that where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.

To learn more about Valentine Lions Club’s ongoing project, click here.

Gympie South Lions help flood victim

Gympie South Lions to the rescue for flood victim facing $7k fine

Gympie South Lions help flood victim

The Gympie South Lions Club have come to the rescue of a local flood victim after he was threatened with a $7,000 fine for having flood debris on his footpath.

Tom Atkinson and his partner were overlooked when council were doing their curbside debris pick up following major flooding in Gympie earlier this year, and with only two small cars (without towbars), they were unable to transport the flood debris to the tip themselves.

Gympie South Lions - Flood victim Tom Atkinson

Flood victim Tom Atkinson was threatened with a $7k fine

After seeing the story in the local paper, members of the Lions Club of Gympie South offered to help remove the debris for them. A couple of days later, the band of heroes without capes arrived at Tom’s place, loaded the debris into a large trailer and took it to the tip.

The Gympie Council had agreed to waive the dump fees if the rubbish was dumped within the timeframe and they were true to their word.

Tom and his partner were very relieved and appreciative of the assistance from the Gympie South Lions, Senior Constable Andrew White for the loan of the trailer and some helpful friends (Tom also helped).

Many hands make light work and the job was done it no time – well done to all involved.

Local Lions Clubs continue to be on the ground in flood-affected areas and fundraising for the Australian Lions Foundation National Disaster Appeal.

Every dollar raised in the Appeal is being sent directly to local Lions Clubs to provide emergency support to those in need and help the community rebuild.

Anyone looking to make a donation and support those affected by the floods can do so through their local Lions Club or through donating directly to Australian Lions Foundation.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Kingborough (Tas) ALCCRF Presentation

Kingborough Lions Make Significant Donation to Childhood Cancer Research

Kingborough (Tas) ALCCRF Presentation

Photo L – R: Kingborough Lions Eric Madsen, DGE Paul Cairnduff, Mary Cairnduff, PDG Hester van Niekerk and Chair ALCCRF PDG Ron Skeen.

The Lions Club of Kingborough presented $86,500 to the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) at the 2022 National Convention. PDG Hester van Niekerk writes…

“…If it was my grandchild, I would want ‘light and hope’ at the end of the dark tunnel and only research will give this light and hope to a devastated family.

The Lions Club of Kingborough supports many projects and I asked……how can we promote the Lions Club, ALCCRF and raise funds? Forming partnerships was the answer”.


Since 2016 the Lions Club of Kingborough has donated over $86,500 to the ALCCRF. As part of their fundraising efforts, they have partnered up with a number of local businesses to reach this goal including:

• Management of their local Shopping Centre. This resulted in being asked to assist in many and various events such as assisting the Easter Bunny, dressing as the 3 witches at Halloween and assisting with children’s activities throughout the year.

They have also been doing Christmas Gift Wrapping for many years. Management provide everything needed for all events undertaken at no cost to the group.

• Professional cake decorator who agreed to ice the Lions 80g mini cakes to sell to schools, early childhood organisations and at their Christmas wrapping stall at the local shopping complex.

• Local shops who supplied toys and books to go into small raffles for children at their Christmas wrapping event.

• Local artists including a Master Artist who provided an original water colour work. This was sold with 100% of sale going to the ALCCRF.

• Local quilters who provided the group with quilts that are sold – and again 100% of sale going to the ALCCRF.

• Local newspaper who kindly allowed editorials promoting their activities and events.

“Our only cost is that of the mini cakes, but in exchange for the support we recognise our sponsors, promote Lions and ALCCRF…helping hands from members, partners and friends is what goes towards increasing the ‘light’ and search for a cure,” says PDG Hester.

Well done to the Kingborough Lions Club for your dedication to such an important cause.

To find out more about how you can support the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation, click here.


Read for Ukraine - Glenside Lions Club Bookmart

Read for Ukraine – Lions support Ukrainian Refugees

In times of crisis Lions Clubs do what they can to make a difference and that’s exactly what local volunteers are doing right now to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The Glenside Lions Club run the Glenside Bookmart, known as the largest and most loved second hand bookstore in South Australia, and have generously offered their entire takings for the month of June to the Ukrainian appeal.

The target for June’s book sales and resulting donation is $20,000.

Read for Ukraine - Lions Support Ukrainian Refugees

Glenside Lions President, John Standingford says, “the conflict in Ukraine has driven millions of people from their homes, creating a humanitarian crisis that is forcing families to search for safety and security.”

“We can’t send them weapons and ammunition, but the money we send will buy immediate relief items for those who have fled Putin’s onslaught – such as food, clothing, hygiene supplies, sleeping bags and medicine.”

The expanded children’s section at the Glenside Bookmart is designed to encourage children to explore and read with no pressure to buy. Prices of children’s books are typically $1− $3.

The Glenside Lions encourage all South Australians to come and browse the pages, turn a leaf and buy a second hand book, whether it be for your child, yourself or as a gift, there are many to choose from in every category!

The Glenside Bookmart is located at the northern end of Kennaway Street, Tusmore and is open Friday and Monday from 10am – 1pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 3pm.

In addition to local Lions projects and initiatives in Australia, the Lions Clubs International Foundation has now provided over US $1,153,260 in grants to support Ukrainian refugees who have crossed their borders. Lions in Ukraine have also received LCIF grants to address the critical needs of people who remain in the country.

To find out more about how you can help support Ukrainian refugees with the Glenside Bookmart, click here.

Tewantin Noosa Lions Club Celebrates Milestone By Helping Those In Need

To celebrate Tewantin Noosa Lions Club’s 55th anniversary, the Club has partnered with LiveLife Pharmacies throughout Queensland to provide personal care packs to those in need.

Over the next two months, with the support of Queensland Police Domestic Violence Officers, a range of these care packs will be packed by Lions and distributed through various Lions Clubs, community groups, and Councils.

The Tewantin Noosa Lions Club Co-ordinator for the project, Michael Roach, is excited to work with LiveLife Pharmacies again.

“Our Tewantin Noosa Lions Club is excited about this partnership with LiveLife Pharmacy and the involvement of their many Pharmacies throughout Queensland. From our earlier partnership some years back, our Club received many emotional emails from recipients expressing gratitude for the items received when funds and crisis had impacted daily living for them and their children. We are also seeking other community-minded people to come and join us with these rewarding Lions Projects,” said Roach.

The CEO of LiveLife Pharmacies, Clint Coker is also looking forward to reigniting the partnership.

“I welcome this partnership with Lions, given the fantastic work they do in the many communities they serve throughout Queensland. This is LiveLife Pharmacy’s second joint venture with Lions and we are very happy to again contribute to their worthy humanitarian assistance program on behalf of not just the communities we serve directly, but those most in need.

It’s a comfort knowing that, in turn, if our immediate community was in need, Lions Clubs across Queensland would reciprocate. We would like to thank our suppliers, and participating LiveLife Pharmacy stores throughout Queensland, who together donated over $30,000 worth of products to this worthy cause. LiveLife Pharmacy is proud to support various community organisations and initiatives as a part of its Community Support Program,” said Croker.

To learn more about this project, you can visit Tewantin Noosa Lions Club’s Facebook page here.

You can find more information on LiveLife Pharmacies and locate your nearest store here.


Rosewood Lions Club Give Back to the Elderly

Rosewood Lions Club have worked with Cabanda Care to introduce Emergency Medical Information Booklets to the homes of more than 60 residents.

Lion Tanya Johnson, a resident of Cabanda Care’s Independent Units herself, co-ordinated the project.

“I was thrilled to find out that more than 60 residents now have the Emergency Medical Information Booklets filled out, on display in their homes and ready, just in case of an emergency,” said Johnson.

Project Co-Ordintator, Lion Tanya Johnson with Rosewood Ambulance Officer, Monica

These booklets act as a one-stop-shop for an individual’s medical records and personal information, including current medication and emergency contacts. In the instance of an emergency, the Emergency Medical Information Booklet provides paramedics access to all of the information that they require quickly, in order to best treat the patient.

Over 20 years ago, Lions Australia, Rotary and South Australia Ambulance Service combined to launch the Emergency Medical Information Booklet. Since then, over 1.4 million books have been distributed across Australia and they have saved many lives.

Members of the Rosewood Lions Club will visit the residents bi-annually to ensure that all medical information within the booklets is kept up to date.

You can find out more about Rosewood Lions Club here.

Gilbert Valley Lions Club Supports Local School

After three years of hard work, 20 refurbished mountain bikes and new helmets are now available for the the students of Riverton & District High School in South Australia. This has been made possible by a joint effort between the school, Gilbert Valley Lions Club and Bike SA, with funding support from the Australian Lions Foundation (ALF).

Fitness, low muscle-tone and opportunity for personal risk taking continue to be identified challenges that underpin the school’s HPE program. Short mountain bike programs have been undertaken in the past with excellent outcomes for fitness, balance, and enjoyment for the outdoors through the use of the bike trails adjacent to the school. With the arrival of these bikes, students will take part in a basic bike maintenance course to understand how to maintain and use the mountain bikes.

Students testing out the school’s new mountain bikes. Image: RDHS

This project touches many aspects of the Lions Ethos; supporting local community groups, supporting the youth, and continuing to create a circular economy, as suggested through the Lions Environment Portfolio. The funding assistance offered by the ALF also embraces the funds donated by Lions Members Australia-wide.

Special thanks to Patrick Williams from the Gilbert Valley Lions Club, Russell Miatke from Bike SA, the Australian Lions Foundation and Diane Allen from the school on a huge combined effort to make this project a reality.

The school can’t wait to see their students use these bikes over the coming years, exploring some of the local bike trails right on their doorstep.

Diabetes care packs for Ukraine

Local Lions volunteers supporting Diabetic Ukrainian refugees

Diabetes is a key global focus for Lions Clubs and volunteers in Australia are coming together to support people all over the world including Ukrainian refugees with Diabetes.

An initiative led by the Lions Australia Diabetes Foundation and Type 1 Diabetes Foundation is packaging up medical supplies to send to Ukrainian refugees with Diabetes.

Diabetes Care Packs Sent to Poland for Ukrainian Refugees

Backpacks containing self-care supplies ready to send to Ukrainian refugees with Diabetes

Lions Australia’s National Diabetes Coordinator Pat Mills says the packs with vital supplies are being sent to refugees in Poland.

“At Lions, we are dedicated to doing what we can to help those in need both in our local communities and globally. Medical supplies are vital for Diabetics and we know there are many displaced Ukrainians that are in desperate need of supplies so our volunteers here in Australia are packaging up little medical kits to send to refugees. To date, we have sent over 200 packs to Poland.”

“Many of us have been watching the devastation in the Ukraine and want to do something to help. It’s a simple project for us but we are providing vital medical support,” says Pat.

Diabetes care packs for Ukraine

67 care-packs ready to send to Poland for Ukrainian refugees

Members of the Lions Club of Shepparton have been assisting on the project, collecting supplies and packing bags to ship to Poland.

Anyone wishing to help support the project can contact and donate to the Lions Australia Diabetes Foundation.