Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.

Since the first club was formed in Australia 75 years ago Lions has grown dramatically in size and impact with over 1200 clubs and 25,000 members now giving back through an array of community-based programs and initiatives.

Some Lions are on a mission to cure childhood cancer and diabetes, others are committed to assisting those impacted by drought and floods and many are simply working together to help people in need in their local community.

One thing all Lions have in common is together they are making an incredible difference.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

Clubs may either provide service or raise money for their community.

100% of funds donated by the public through fundraising are directed to the project for which they are intended.

Our goal is that the demographic makeup of our clubs matches the demography of the community in which they operate. We’re so proud to have a growing number of speciality clubs across Australia ranging from young Leo clubs, virtual clubs, ethnic clubs, special interest and autism clubs. Whatever your interest, chances are there is a Lions club that can help or others in the community who would be interested in starting one with you.

Rob Oerlemans CEO Lions Australia

Our History

Our history is a long one. And a proud one.

For 75 years, we’ve served with uncommon kindness, putting the needs of our neighbours, our communities and our world first.

We look back at our storied past with pride, but we know it’s only the beginning. Every day, we’re building on our legacy with the goal of making an even greater impact in the future.