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The Australian Lions Peace Poster winner for 2021-22 is from District 201W2 and has also won an international merit award.

Brisbane teenager recognised on global stage as winner of Lions Clubs International Peace Essay Contest

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International Peace Poster Contest Winner Presented with Award

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Watch Joshua read his 2019-20 winning essay here.

Australian Winner of the 2021-22 Essay Competition

We are ALL Connected by Rachael Jacobson

For years we have been connected through music, God, social clubs and groups and workplaces. Back in the old days it was only small groups talking, but now it’s billions and billions of people chatting to each other, learning together, even playing together in schools, workplaces and even just a little chat in the parks. But now we are connected by our technology.

We can easily speak to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just some tiny little apps can let us speak to people without leaving our very own home, like Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, even games like Roblox, Fortnite, Apex legends and loads and loads more, but the main thing is that we have used a heap of these apps because of the virus (covid-19).

The Corona virus has made visiting and talking to our families, friends and close relatives fairly difficult because of how rapidly it is spreading. As a result of the virus spreading rapidly, our borders close and some people go into lockdown. Since the borders have shut, that means no more travelling in airplanes across to other countries or states. It’s not permanent, it’s only temporary, but that also means for the people in lockdown, it’s home school and working at home instead of at the workplace or on the school grounds. Also it does mean we have to use our devices to communicate to our friends and family in lockdown in other states.

If we do want to visit our friends and families from other states and countries, we have to vaccinate. If we do vaccinate that’s good but at the same time we could get side effects which could include blood clots and if you have underlying medical issues, you could die from the vaccine. But since some of us have other reasons not to get the jab, we would have to continue to use our mobile phones, tablets/iPad and other technology to stay connected.

As hard as it seems, we all have stayed connected to our loved ones and our friends through these tricky and difficult times. As years go on we all will stick together no matter what; even if we were to win everything in the world (including money, houses, technology etc.). We wouldn’t do it because we love our home and family. Everybody’s different from their head even to their toes, even if they don’t have toes! It doesn’t matter, because we are all connected in our own way. 🙂

Lions International Peace Poster Contest 2022/23

“Lead With Compassion”


The Lions International Peace Poster Contest is one of many Lions Clubs International Youth Programs that aim to provide opportunities for self-development, education, contribution and achievement for young people.

The Contest presents a unique, enjoyable and enriched educational experience for youth and an enrichment of school curriculum areas of learning, creating, communicating, technology and achievement and contributes to further development of artistic and writing skill, self-expression and personal growth; sharing ideas and messages of peace and acknowledging youth positive efforts and achievements.

Youth who are 11, 12 or 13 years of age by 15th November are eligible to participate.

Each year more than 600,000 young people from many countries around the world participate in the Contest – since the initial Contest in 1988, more than 6 million youth in schools and youth groups have enthusiastically applied creative skills, attention to Contest Peace Theme, Rules and Criteria to express individual visions of peace and in their colourful peace posters and quotes on peace.

Contest Peace Theme, Rules and Conditions

Lions Clubs worldwide sponsor schools and youth groups e.g. YMCA, Scouts, Guides and other organised youth groups for the Contest. A Lioness Club may sponsor a Contest through its sponsoring Lions Club. Members of a Leo Group may participate in the LIPP/EC through their school’s or community youth group’s participation in the Contest.

  • Youth who are 11, 12 or 13 years of age by 15th November of year of Contest.
  • Each year the Contest features a specific Peace Theme. The Peace Theme for 2022-23 Lions International Peace Poster Contest is “Lead With Compassion”
  • One entry per student and each entry work of only one student
  • Art work must be individual student’s original creation – no duplicates are accepted
  • Art paper: to be flexible material so that it can be rolled up for mailing tube.
  • Do not fold poster
  • Art work size: N0 smaller than 33cm x 50cm (13inch x 20 inch), No larger than 50cm x 60cm (20 inch x 24 inch)
  • Do not mat, frame or laminate art work
  • All media accepted – note: chalk, charcoal and pastel entries should be sealed with a fixative spray to prevent smearing.
  • Three-dimensional entries are not accepted
  • Nothing may be glued, stapled or attached to the art work in any way.
  • The use lettering in any language or numbering on the front of the poster, in any language, is not allowed.
  • All artists initials or signatures can be written on the back of the poster (upper right or left side of art work)


  • Participants accept all responsibility for late, loss, misdirected or illegible entries. Entries sent with insufficient postage will be disqualified. Lions Clubs International is not responsible for entries damaged destroyed or lost during the judging process. International Entries – cannot be acknowledged or returned, they become the property of Lions Clubs International upon receipt. Peace Poster images cannot be used without written permission from Lions Clubs International.
  • In consideration for the opportunity to enter the Peace Poster Contest, participants agree to allow Lions Clubs International to use their names and photographs for promotional and publicity purposes. In addition, the International Grand Prize Winner, two family members (one being a parent or legal guardian) and the sponsoring club president or a club member (as designated by the sponsoring club president) are required to attend an Award Ceremony on Lions Day at the United Nations (subject to change). An International Grand Prize winner is not eligible to receive subsequent prizes in future Peace Poster Contests sponsored by Lions Club International. By entering, participants agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the judges and Lions International.
  • Lions Clubs International may cancel the contest without notice at any time. The contest is void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.
Judging Process

Judging of Peace Posters is conducted at several levels – Club, District, Multiple District and International

Judges/Judging Panel – an appropriate individual such as the school principal, youth group leader, local artist, club representative or a panel of judges select winning peace poster.

Suggestions for Club and District judging

Club Level – judges select 1 Winning Peace Poster and 2 Honourable Mention Peace Posters

District level – judges select 1 Winning Peace Poster and 1 Honourable Mention Peace Poster

At Multiple District – judges select 1 Winning Peace Poster and 1 Highly Commended

At International level, panel of judges select 24 finalists – 1 Grand Prize Winner and 23 Merit Award Achievers.

Judging Criteria:

Peace Posters selected to advance to the next level of judging must meet all the requirements as outline in the Contest Rules, Conditions and evaluated on level of Originality, Artistic Merit and Expression of Peace Theme – this year’s Contest Peace Theme is “Lead With Compassion”.

Forwarding Winning Peace Poster to next level of judging.

After the winning peace poster is selected, it must be prepared and forwarded for the next level of judging. Clubs that sponsor more than 1 school/youth group must have purchased 1 Kit per school or youth group sponsored e.g. a Club which is sponsoring 3 schools will need to have purchased 3 kits (1 per school) and therefore will have 3 winning peace posters (1 winner per school) to forward to next level of judging.

Each Winning Peace Poster must have a Winner Sticker placed on the back of the Peace Poster at the bottom right hand corner. Completion of details as follows:

  2. Section 1 – to be completed by school, parent/guardian/student, QUOTE ON PEACE: student’s quote on peace written by student.
  3. Section 2 – Completed by Club President.
  4. Section 3 – Completed by District Governor
  5. Section 4 – Completed by Multiple District Council Chairperson
  6. Please follow directions on Winner Sticker. #Posters without completed Winner Sticker will be disqualified. Reproduction of Sticker is not permitted.
  7. Peace Posters much meet deadlines as set out in LIPP/EC Timeline – please see Timeline.
Acknowledgement, Encouragement, Awards

The Lions International Peace Poster Contest is not only about the promotion of world peace and international understanding and increasing awareness and improved attitude towards others; the Contest is also about encouraging youth to perform at personal best, it acknowledges youths’ positive efforts and achievements and generates increase of self-esteem and confidence in youth so that they may meet further challenges.

Certificates, Prizes, Award Presentations:

The Lions International Peace Poster Kit has an Achievement Certificate for the Winner and a Certification of Appreciation which is to be presented by Lions Club to the school/youth group.

Clubs and Districts may organise prizes for Winners and Honourable Mention achievers and organise a special award ceremony/presentation. Clubs and Districts may wish to arrange with schools/youth groups to visit school/youth group for award presentation or alternatively, Clubs and Districts may wish to invite youth, families and school/youth group representatives to Club or District award presentation.

The Certificate of Participation is to acknowledge, encourage and reward all young people that participate in the Lions International Peace Poster/Essay Contest and complete/submit a peace poster or essay for judging at Club level.

International Awards:

Grand Prize Winner receives a trip to an award ceremony where he/she receives $5,000 (or equivalent) and an award. Two family members (one being the winner’s parent or legal guardian) and the sponsoring Lions Club President or Club member (as designated by Club President) will accompany the winner to the award ceremony. 23 Merit Award achievers receive US$500 and Certificate of Achievement.

Promotion of Peace Message throughout the world

The message of world peace and international understanding is promoted throughout the world through displays of Peace Posters, Quotes of Peace and Essays in schools, youth groups and local communities and social media worldwide. Lions Clubs and Districts promote Contest – Clubs and District website and other media, local newspaper and organize local peace poster and essay displays.

Peace Poster/Essay Contest timeline –

As a guideline, dates for Club judging need to be completed by 30 October, District by 15 November, MD judging to take place end of November.
Each year , each district has their deadlines and Clubs should liaise with District Officers to make sure that they have posters/Essays to deadlines on time.

Students ages 11, 12 or 13 as of November 15 are eligible to participate in the International Peace Poster Contest. Entries not meeting the following deadlines will be disqualified.

  • January 15: Kits go on sale from the Club Supplies Sales Department at International Headquarters.
  • October 1: Deadline to purchase kits from the Clubs Supplies.
  • Mid-October :Club to send one winning poster and /or essay to District Chairperson.
  • Late October to Early November: District Governor or District Chairperson to send one winning district poster and/or essay to Multiple District Council Chairperson.
  • November 27: All entries to MD Chairperson.
  • December 15: Postmark deadline for the multiple district council chairperson to send one winning poster to the Brand and Marketing Strategy Department at International Headquarters.
  • February 1: International winners notified on or before this date.
Benefits for youth

Participation in the Lions International Peace Poster and Essay Contest has many benefits for young people. Participation provides the opportunity to –

Participate in International Contest
Use artistic/writing skills and acquired knowledge to express personal ideas/views and to create an individual, original artwork or essay
Gain increased confidence, motivation, self-esteem and encouragement to undertake other challenges – especially when young people view their art work/essays on display in schools, youth group venues, local community and media and receive praise and acknowledgement for their personal best efforts and output.
Increase awareness and understanding about importance of world peace and international understanding and respect/tolerance towards other people and cultures.

Lions International Peace Poster/Essay Contest kits

The Lions International Peace Poster/Essay Contest Kits contents include –

  • Official Club Contest Guide and Rules
  • Official School or Youth Group Contest Guide and Rules
  • Participant Flyer to duplicate and give to participating students to take home
  • Sticker to place on back of winning poster
  • Certificates for contest winner and school or youth group
  • Note: forward only the Official School or Youth Group Contest and the Participation Flyer (PPC-3) to your Club’s contact at the school or youth group. The Club retains all other items in the Kit.

District Contacts

Lions Australia District Map

C1 Julie Pickles
3 Browning Crescent Parafield Gardens SA 5107
0411 637 513

C2 Darryl Morley
PO Box 231 Kingston SA 5275
0437 389 645

N1 Kel Kearns
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0439 427 822

N2 Lyn Matthews
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Q4 Melissa Webber

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W2 Irene Cramarri
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