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Lions Clubs International provides a wealth of resources to assist Lions to run clubs, develop and retain members and guide the operations of your Lions Club.

Much of this information is available on the Lions Clubs International website, through the Lions Clubs Member Resource Section. It is worth Lions taking the time to explore these resources fully. The list below provides a selection of information about critical matters for clubs.


Resources for Managing A Lions Club
Club Resource Centre – Manuals, forms, guides and information about operating a Lions Club provided by Lions Clubs International. Club Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers should become very familiar with the Club Resource Centre. The Club Resource Centre also provides information about Inductions of new members, hosting an international guest and dispute resolution.
Club Administration Manual – The Club Administration Manual has been superseded by the online Club Resource Centre
The Code of Conduct short brochure and full version are included below
Code of Conduct BrochureFile size is 51KB
Lions Club Code of ConductFile size 2MB
Club Grievance Procedure File size is 5MB
Complaint Handling Procedure LCI Dispute Resolution Guidelines File size is 5162KB
MyLCI/MyLion – How to Register – My Lion is the club communication app. Support link for MyLCI –

Membership Resources

Care and Retention Strategy for MD201 Lions Clubs

The key to keeping your club healthy, happy and strong involves operating your club effectively and keeping members satisfied. Use this document to create a Lions club experience your members will want to tell their family and friends about! Choose the tools that work best for your club and are easily kept up-to-date.
This document may be used as a guide to Membership, Leadership and Service Chairperson and other Lions members to navigate important documents on the Lions Clubs International Website.
Membership Application – Please use the international version that is available here.
Online Enquiries – Process for following up Prospective Members
Conflict – Using Alternate Dispute Resolution (Power Point File)
Conflict – Using Alternatate Dispute Resolution (PDF File)
Making the most of the sausage sizzle
What makes members leave a Club?
What makes Club re-building work?
Special Interests Clubs and networks

The Multiple District global membership team runs forums and presentations for district officers and for our members. These are some of the Discussion Papers that have been put together over the last 2 to 3 years.

For assistance with membership within your Clubs or Districts you may contact 
Charter Process for New Lions Clubs and Lioness Clubs Conversion

  1. Charter Application Process
  2. Lions Charter Application Flowchart (Includes Lioness Conversion to Lions Club Flowchart)
Member Induction and Club Officer Installation Ceremonies

  1. New Member Installation Ceremony
  2. Installation Ceremony Clubs
Resource Centre Lions Clubs most important asset is its people, our members. The Member Centre also has useful information on types of membership, supporting your existing members and finding new members.
Information to support, inform and welcome new members Visit the Membership and New Clubs page on the LCI website for information to support, inform and welcome new members
Information about different types of membership A quick-reference guide to membership options for new Lions.
Global Membership Team Toolbox Find tools here for new members, membership reporting, membership growth, membership development and retention of members.
Links To Volunteer Board Search Services – Here are several free online services that can help volunteer associations like Lions Clubs, find additional board members.

Treasurers’ Resources
Australian Lions Treasurer’s Manual CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW. Includes bookkeeping information and helpful hints and ideas.
LionBooks User Manual File size is 935KB. File Type is PDF. Revision Date June 2011. Contains 28 A4 pages.
LionBooksNew – for Excel 2003 or earlier. This Spreadsheet has 20 columns, budgets, investments, built in reports and financials. File size is 889 KB. File Type is xlt Excel 2003 or earlier. It can only be opened in Excel 2003 or earlier. Revision Date is 9 June 2013
LionBooksNew – for Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. This spreadsheet has 20 columns, budgets, investments, built in reports and financialsFile size is 484 KB. File Type is xltm Excel 2007 or 2010 only. It is macro enabled for use in Excel 2007 or 2010 only. Revision Date is 9 June 2013.

Two women and a man

Public Relations Resources

Media alert template

Media release template

Photo Release Form

Social media Policy

Photography Grant Application

PR Grant Application 

Link to Lions Videos on YouTube Click this link to visit YouTube to select and watch the Lions Australia Two More Hands video and community service announcements
If you are a Lions Club looking to download copies of these videos, please contact the Lions National Office

Lions Australia – What We Do (Key Service Areas – Australia) – file size 49MB

The Audio files below are Community Service Radio Announcements.  Our thanks to the wonderful talents of Tania Bowra, who shared her chartbusting song “Wet Wood” with us, and LJ Loch for her words and voice.Please left click to play or right click to download.
Audio Build Skills 30 seconds with tag File Size is 582 KB. File Type is MP3.
Audio Build Skills 45 seconds File Size is 884 KB. File Type is MP3.
Audio Get involved 30 seconds with tag File Size is 592 KB. File Type is MP3.
Audio Get involved 45 seconds File Size is 890 KB. File Type is MP3. 
Audio Medical Research 30 seconds with tag File Size is 588 KB. File Type is MP3.
Audio Medical Research 45 seconds File Size is 889 KB. File Type is MP3.
Audio When Disaster Strikes 30 seconds with tag File Size is 583 KB. File Type is MP3.
Audio When Disaster Strikes 45 seconds File Size is 879 KB. File Type is MP3.

Website and Facebook Creation Form File Size is 22 KB. This is a guide on how to create or review content on your website or facebook.

Oz Clubhouse Club Website System This link takes you to information on the Lions Australia Oz Clubhouse system
Download Lions Logos This link takes you to Lions Clubs International Website Logos Download Page


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