What is BAM?

The Big Audacious Mission is Lions Australia’s plan to grow to 30,000 members by the year 2030 and 50,000 members by 2050, so we can meet the growing needs of our communities and service a million people annually. When we do this, we will be doing our part for “Mission 1.5” which is the Lions International goal for growth of membership and service by the year 2027.

Why do we need BAM?

Our world, more than ever, needs the kindness and strength of volunteers.

Volunteerism around the world and in Australia is changing. We need to adapt to the changes so that we can continue to serve and help people in need.

Every single Lion is important to the people who depend on us. Every club is changing their community, making it strong, healthier and a kinder place for all.

How can we get involved?

Make sure you have your own GMA – your own membership plan.

What does your Club look like in the next three years? Where are you going in your area? How are you helping your community?

Talk it over with your club members. Establish a plan and start working on it. Ask for help from your District GAT team and your Zone Chairperson.

Thrive and grow so that we are there to serve the local, national and global community into the future.