Club Management Questions

Information on how to run a COVID safe event.

Please refer to our lions Event Management – COVID 19 fact sheet.

Online Safety

Online Safety – What to watch out for.

For more information please read our fact sheet here.

Where can I get a New Member Kit?

New Member Kits are available from Club Supplies

Why do I have to provide a name when ordering a New Member Kit?

It is Lions Clubs International Policy that Clubs, when requesting new members kits, are to provide the name of the intended new member and anticipated Induction date when ordering their kit. On provision of that information, Club Supplies will forward to the Club the requested kits.

The change in process was implemented by LCI  because Clubs were ordering bulk quantities of New Member Kits and they were not being used. Once the Certificate for the current year became out of date further kits were ordered “just in case”. This meant that there were many wasted kits not being used at considerable cost to the organisation.

With the change implemented, wastage is limited and kits are supplied to meet the specific needs of Clubs.

Please remember that the kit is an ‘Induction Kit’, not a ‘prospecting kit’.  Club Supplies at the National office has a number of products available for purchase that can assist you in providing information to prospective members.

Is there a template for printing New Member & Sponsor Certificates?

Yes! You can also find instructions here.
Templates for printing New Member Certificates  – Word or PDF
Templates for printing Sponsor Certificates – Word or PDF
Please note that these certificates are Letter Size and NOT A4. We suggest you do a test run before using the Certificate.

How can our Club apply for a Life Membership?

The requirements for Life Membership and application form can be found here.