Keep An Eye Out For A Pride Of Lions In Your Local Community Next Month

From recent droughts and bushfires to the spread of COVID-19, it’s been a challenging time for our country, but the spirit of community service continues to shine.

Many refer to Lions as Australia’s best kept secret but in coming weeks Lions volunteers across Australia will be hosting a number of special events in their communities to celebrate Lions Awareness Day on Saturday March 6 2021.

Since the first club was formed in Australia almost 75 years ago Lions has grown dramatically in size and impact with over 1300 clubs and 30,000 members now giving back through an array of community-based programs and initiatives.

Some Lions are on a mission to cure childhood cancer and diabetes, others are committed to assisting those impacted by drought and floods and many are simply working together to help people in need in their local community. One thing all Lions have in common is together they are making an incredible difference.

Lions Australia CEO Rob Oerlemans says this year, Lions Awareness Day is not only an opportunity to recognise the incredible impact of the Lions but also the changing face of volunteering in Australia.

“Volunteering is critical to keeping our communities well and functioning and for 75 years, Lions have been supporting communities across Australia.”

“Over the past 12 months we have seen communities across Australia coming together to  support each other. People are inspired and want to give back. At the heart of all of these communities is a Lions Club – a group of local people who come together to do what they can to help others and make a difference. Our passionate volunteers do exceptional work every day and it’s been a busy year for the organisation.”

“From raffles, sausage sizzles and trivia nights, to environmental work and  supporting the deaf, blind and vulnerable, our volunteers are traditionally very hands on and involved in their communities. It’s been wonderful to see so many of our clubs finding new ways to support each other and their communities. From virtual meetings and fundraising to new projects and different types of clubs, our organisation has really adapted and evolved this year,” says Rob Oerlemans.

“So if you see any Lions out in your community in coming weeks we encourage you to say hello and get some information on what your local club is up to. If you are interested in making a difference ask your local Lions how you can get involved.”

“Our goal is that the demographic makeup of our clubs matches the demography of the community in which they operate.  We’re so proud to have a growing number of speciality clubs across Australia ranging from young Leo clubs, virtual clubs, ethnic clubs, special interest and autism clubs. Whatever your interest, chances are there is a Lions club that can help or others in the community who would be interested in starting one with you.”

Lions volunteers pay annual membership fees to cover admin costs which means 100% of funds donated to your local Lions Club goes directly towards the cause.

“This is why Lions is so effective in times of need. Every dollar donated goes directly to the cause and through Lions’ large network of clubs we are able to quickly identify those who require assistance and find the best and most efficient ways of supporting those people and communities,” adds Rob Oerlemans.

Over $50 million is donated to Lions Australia each year with all funds going directly to important causes and people in need. Over $5 million is invested in youth programs each year, over $20 million is invested in medical research, $5 million in drug awareness, $20 million in hearing services and over 3000 environmental projects are carried out by Lions Australia every year.

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