Wheelers Hill Lions Club’s Novel Idea


With the exception of 2020, Wheelers Hill Lions Club have been holding second-hand book sale fundraisers for the past 14 years.

Since 2008, the Club has raised over $100,000 to support Lions projects in the local area by selling used books once or twice a year.

Bargain hunters browsing the second-hand book sale.
Image: Supplied

Money raised from the book sales has been a major contributor to many Lions projects in Monash over the years, including enabling over 50 children to attend camps.

In 2019, Wheelers Hill Lions Club put funds raised from the book sale towards purchasing a 12 seater bus for Wavecare, a counselling and community support service based in Monash. The bus collects elderly residents from their homes and takes them to the local community centre for a day of planned activities, before returning the residents home.

Lions L-R : Val Eldridge, Ian Bjorkman, Ralph Wildenberg and Shiraz Mistry Image: Supplied

Books at the sale are donated to the Club and sold for between 50¢ and $3.50. With between 9,000 and 11,000 second-hand fiction and non-fiction books on sale at each event, there is something for everyone.

Lions work together to alphabetise and sort the thousands of books into 25 categories, making it easier for bargain hunters to find what they’re looking for.

The next book sale will be taking place at Caribbean Park in Scoresby on the 20th and 21st of August. You can find more about the event here.