Lions help 10-year-old Huddy Glubb get to World Dwarf Games in Germany

Lions have surprised Gold Coast local athletics star Huddy Glubb with a $5,000 donation at this year’s Lions National Convention held at The Star on the Gold Coast.

Huddy has achondroplasia, a genetic condition which impacts bone growth. Despite doctor’s early warnings that he probably wouldn’t be able to participate in sport, he has developed into an inspiring young athlete and recently qualified for the World Dwarf Games junior team competing this July in Germany.

Huddy Glubb World Dwarf Games with Lions Australia donation

Lions support Huddy Glubb as he takes aim at the World Dwarf Games in Germany.

Along with the donation from Lions Australia, Huddy’s local Oremeau Lions Club hosted a BBQ early on to help kickstart his fundraising to get him and his team to the games.

Huddy’s mother Kerry Glubb is incredibly proud of her son’s achievements so far, and of his determination that has motivated him to excel in the activities of track and field, basketball and soccer.

“When Huddy was born we were told that he probably wouldn’t be able to participate in sport. The day that he got his first gold medal, that was just — there were so many tears — it was such a special moment,” she said.

Kerry says they are so grateful for all the support received to date from the community.

“I’d like to thank everybody in the community for their support for Huddy so far, we’re already over halfway to reaching our fundraising goal!”

Huddy Glubb with Lions Australia

Huddy and his family joined Council Chair Steve Boyce and Lion Sari-Elle Kraemer on stage at the Lions Australia National Convention on the Gold Coast.

Huddy shared his heartwarming story with volunteers from right across the country at the Lions National Convention on the 29th of April, which you can watch here.

For more information on how you can support Huddy’s fundraising campaign to attend the World Dwarf Games, visit his GoFundMe page.