Lions fire up the BBQ to feed the hungry on public holiday

In the heart of Coffs Harbour, the spirit of giving did not fade even after Christmas Day.

On Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, traditionally overlooked by meal services, the hungry found solace.

The Coffs Harbour Lions Club extended a warm hand to those without access to food kitchens on these public holidays, driven by a collective desire to help vulnerable community members including the homeless. 

The club’s efforts served to bridge this gap, offering food and drinks, funded by the generous donations from the siblings of a Lions Club member.

The menu was a feast, featuring bacon and egg rolls, sausages and onions, cakes, muffins, chocolates, fruit, shortbread, and more. Intent on elevating the occasion, the club had special bags of goodies for all attendees, sewn by member Teng.

These reusable bags served as a practical gift for the homeless, moving away from single-use plastic.

Club members contributed non-perishable food items, and local companies generously donated reusable water bottles and fresh fruit.

The joy of helping others is a reward in itself, as Lion Rosemary shares, “The gratitude of someone who hasn’t eaten since Friday, asking for seconds, warms the heart.”

The club plans to continue these BBQs on public holidays, making a difference one meal at a time.