Lions Club of Whitford Donates to Mobile Laundry Van


For many Australians, clean clothes are an unattainable luxury. The team at Perth-based Fortuna Foundation are trying to change that.

Launched in August of 2021, their Positive Spin Van operates as a laundromat-on-wheels providing free laundry services to those in need.

Currently, there are over 9,000 people experiencing homelessness in Perth. Of these, it is estimated that 1,100 are sleeping rough.

Recognising the importance of such a service, the Lions Club of Whitford recently donated $1,000 to the initiative.

“(Project Spin) is such a good and generous project to help those not as fortunate and their work should be recognised, I believe,” said Derek Best, President of the Lions Club of Whitford.

The Van, with its two washing machines and two clothes dryers, parks alongside partnering community centres and churches according to a roster that is distributed by flyers and community groups.

During the wash and dry cycle, those utilising the service will be provided with food and a safe space to share stories and conversations with Positive Spin’s volunteers.

Through bridging the welfare gap, Fortuna Foundation hope to restore dignity in its users and inspire confidence to seek out employment.

“The Positive Spin Van was birthed with a vision to better address the needs of our community. We hope that by providing this free service we will alleviate some of the common stresses our homeless friends face every day; that they won’t have to worry about something as simple as clean clothes and hygiene which we often take for granted,” said Fortuna Foundation Board Member, Dinesh Aggarwal.

Although the Positive Spin Van is not a permanent solution to eradicating homelessness, it is an important and necessary step in restoring the dignity and humanity of those experiencing homelessness in Perth.


To make a donation or to learn more about this initiative, click here.