Recycle for Sight Australia

Lions Recycle for Sight Australia
Lions Recycle for Sight Australia is part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program, headquartered in Queensland and operating throughout Australia and overseas.

We receive requests from humanitarian organisations either travelling to a developing country or supplying shipping container loads of suitable humanitarian aid from Australia to groups in the these countries.

Over the 26 years that the Australian program has operated, the program, has delivered over 7 million pair of refurbished quality spectacles to men, women and children in need  in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Indian Sub- continent, East Asia, and the Far East, China, the countries of the Pacific Rim and Southern Asia and Oceania. In the past 10 years several members of our Marine Branch have been able to use their oceangoing yachts to reach and test villagers, in the remotest areas for eyesight and deliver spectacles to them.

For further information please contact

Chairman Lion Ken Leonard OAM JP(Q), 0418871396,
or Secretary Nicolee Brown, 0401316935, for any advice.
Our address is PO Box 3021 CLONTARF MDC 4019.
Lions Recycle for Sight Australia ABN 37 166 954 081

To send spectacles, hearing aids or unused contact lenses to the Recycle for Sight program please use the address below:

Reply Paid 3021
Lions Recycle for Sight
PO Box 3021

Please remove the glasses from any cases and pop them in a padded bag or bubble wrap.

Thank you