Junior Public Speaking Competition

A little about this program…

This program has been running successfully since 2007 in the 201V6 District. In 2016 it became a Multiple District project. Each year, more and more Schools, Clubs and Districts are becoming involved. Students really enjoy the program and reap the benefits for years to come. Teachers are enjoying the program and making it part of their class curriculum as it incorporates story writing, research, speaking in front of the class, etc. We have seen quiet, shy students, too timid to speak…stand up and deliver a speech that has simply blown judges away and they have gone on to win the Competition. It’s amazing what this program can do for the kids that participate – not to mention the benefits that Club members receive as well.

Get involved with the YOUTH in your community… YOU’LL reap the benefits as much as they will!

What is the aim of this program?
To give students in Primary Schools the chance to develop their ability to speak in public. This competition is run for primary students in Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Why should Lions Clubs & Schools be involved?

  • Similar programs often do not exist in our Primary Schools or are difficult for them to access. This is the case for most isolated schools.
  • Young students have an abundance of enthusiasm and self-confidence. This program aims to build on this before they reach teenage years.
  • All young students need to build such skills in an environment which encourages them to participate
  • It’s a great way for schools to get involved with their local Lions Clubs and for Lions Club to be involved with their local schools and Community.

What skills do Student Develop through this program?

  • Students learn to look for information using a number of sources – this may include books, the internet or speaking with family, friends and community members.
  •  They expand their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic; and
  • They gain an ability to organise their thoughts and feelings and then confidently express them to others.

How does the program work?
There are two parts to the program – the main part being the Prepared Speeches. This is for all students. The second part of the program is a Short Preparation Speech and is for years 5 & 6 students ONLY at Club, Zone/Region & District Level.

Prepared Speeches – Students are given a topic and are asked to prepare a speech. Years 3-4 are asked to prepare a 3-minute speech and Year 5-6 are asked to prepare a 4-minute speech. The topic for the prepared speeches is chosen by the District Chairperson.

Short Preparation Speech – As part of the Club, Regional & District level competitions – students in year 5-6 are also given a Short Preparation Speech. They are given a topic and 10 minutes to prepare a 1-minute response to this topic. This has been included at Club, Zone/Regional & District levels, as an added challenge for students who have already shown that they are skilful at preparing and delivering a prepared speech.

There are 4 levels to the competition

School Level Competition – held at each participating school in a Lions area. Run by a club chairperson in conjunction with the school.
Club Level Competition – held at individual Clubs, as part of a dinner meeting or as a separate event. Students representing their individual school/s will compete to become Club Representative.
Zone/Regional Competition – representatives chosen at Club level will compete within their Zone/Region.
District Competition – winners from the Zone/Regional competition will compete at District Level, at a central location in the District.

For more information on how this competition works, please download the JPS Information Sheet.

Topics for the 2022 Junior Public Speaking Competition

Years 3 – 4  – A Place other than in your home state, that you would like to visit.

Tell us why you would like to visit this place, how you would get there, and what you would like to see and do when you get there?

Years 5 – 6 – Introduce a Famous Person who lived in the 19th Century, eg: Charlie Chaplin, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, Alexander Bell, Louis Pasteur.

You have been asked to introduce this Famous Person at a special event.

Tell us a little about this person, what they did and how they became famous.

Note:  Speeches are to be based on facts.

Chairperson – Margaret Poels
M: 0417 139 828
E: lionsjuniorpublicspeaking@gmail.com 

Lisa’s JPS Journey

Lisa participated in the Junior Public Speaking competition at East Loddon Lions Club when it began in 2007 – she was in Year 3 and her topic was “My Favourite Holiday…” Lisa was selected as our club representative. Lisa then competed at an interclub competition against Pyramid Hill Lions Club and was again chosen as the most outstanding speaker.
Lisa went on to win 3 out of the next 4 years in her JPS journey, she also represented East Loddon at the Region finals in 2008, Club Representative in 2009 and District Final in 2010.

This is Lisa’s story…
The Lions Junior Public Speaking (JPS) competition is a fantastic program which provides primary school students with the opportunity to develop and refine their writing skills, ability to speak in front of a crowd and respond to impromptu questions.
I first began my JPS journey at age 9 in year 3 (2007), I continued to participate in the annual program all the way through until my final year in year 6 (2010). Throughout my time in the Lions JPS program, I was very fortunate to have a series of succusses and represent the East Loddon Lions Club at the interschool, regional and district levels of the competition.
The Lions JPS program was an important part of my development throughout my early schooling years and had a significant impact on my confidence leading into secondary school. I went on to participate in the Lions Youth of the Year in year 11 (2015) and was awarded as the winner of the public speaking component. The Lions JPS program gave me the necessary skills to deliver a range presentation to my peers throughout my secondary schooling years, VCE and university.
The ability to speak publicly is an important life skill that I learned throughout my journey in the Lions JPS program. Since leaving school I have used my public speaking skills on a regular basis. I have instructed a range of group fitness classes, delivered training sessions in a high-performance sporting environment and pitched ideas to colleagues in meetings. I am now in my final year in a Master of Teaching (Secondary). I sincerely believe that my experiences throughout the Lions JPS program have played a significant role in my ability to now confidently teach students.