How can I join Lions?

The first thing to do is to contact your local club, you can search via Find-a-Club or fill out “Join” form and we will connect you up . The next thing is to take your time.  Attend a few club meetings, find out about the work of the club and meet the members.  Hopefully you will have a long and happy association with Lions, so you need to make sure that the club will work for you. If things work out, you will receive an invitation to join.

What does a Lions Club actually do?

All Lions Clubs subscribe to our Code of Ethics, and are part of an International Organisation, but set their own program independently.  They can support projects that are operated at an international, national and district level – and can create and operate their own projects.  You can browse the our website to find out some information about these projects.  We all know that we work best at the things we love to do, so an important question to ask the club members is “what projects do you do?” and “who do you help”

If you have a passion for a project, there is no reason why you can’t try to persuade your Lions Club to support it.

How much time is involved?

Lions is a “Community Service” organisation.  One of our motto’s is that we “make things happen”.  Local achievements are always satisfying and that’s why we volunteer.

This means that we DO want our members to participate in meetings and their fair share of community service activities. Lions say that family comes first, then work, and then the Lions Club.  Of course you need to think about your capacity to participate, but for most of us, a couple of hours of television time traded for community service is a worthwhile experience.

Paying to volunteer! What’s that about?

Any volunteer organisation needs to provide services and support to its volunteers – training, insurance, promotional materials and the like.  As a democratic organisation, we also have some costs associated with our decision-making processes at International, National and local levels.

Did you know that when a member of the public donates money to their local Lions Club, every cent goes to where it was promised?  The club doesn’t take even 1%.  Compare that with other organisations.

Lions are immensely proud of the fact that we don’t take public donations to cover our operating costs – and its one of the reasons for our reputation in the community.

That’s why members pay a small amount in dues.

How can I contact my local Club?

You can search for our clubs via our Find-a-Club page.

Where can I buy a Christmas Cake or two or more….?

The great thing about Lions Christmas Cakes as they are sold by your local Lions. So look up your local club via Find-a-Club or call the Cake Hotline – 1300 300 205!

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