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Keeley Johnson | Keeley’s Cause

Keeley Johnson – Keeley’s Cause


I’m Keeley, aged 14, and a cub of Ballan Lions Club.

I created an organisation called Keeley’s Cause 12 months ago to assist children with autism and intellectual disabilities by raising funds within the community to buy iPads for full-time learning in schools.

These iPads also assist with communicating and interacting with our peers.

I, too, have autism and an intellectual disability, so I know first-hand the benefits of an iPad for children with disabilities.

I have lots of trouble with work. I don’t understand it. I can’t comprehend it. In grade 3 my lovely teacher had brought this to my mum’s attention:

If I’m given work on paper, I get overwhelmed. Put that same test on an iPad I get them all right. Go figure!

As there is currently no government funding for iPads, children like me are unfortunately struggling in the school system as not all schools are equipped with the use of iPads full-time and parents simply can’t afford them.

So, to better our outcomes for the future – I created Keeley’s Cause.

I have so far assisted 52 children and their families across Australia with an iPad each to improve our  education and hopefully fulfill and enhance the dreams of children with disabilities.

Technology is how we learn and communicate which eases our anxieties in our everyday environments. Through my own experiences, I am assisting to improve the lives of children with autism and intellectual disabilities, one iPad at a time.

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