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Anita Heiss | Author

Anita Heiss | Author

Professor Anita Heiss is a proud member of the Wiradjuri nation of central NSW.

She’s also a brilliant author, presenter and commentator who has published books across genres including non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial fiction and children’s novels.

As if that isn’t enough – she loves to run a marathon!

As an advocate for Indigenous literacy, Anita has worked in remote communities as a role model and encouraging young Indigenous Australians to write their own stories.

On an international level she has performed her own work and lectured on Aboriginal literature across the globe at universities and conferences, consulates and embassies in the USA, Canada, the UK, Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia, Spain, Japan, Austria, Germany and New Zealand.

Anita is a Lifetime Ambassador for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, and a proud Ambassador of Worawa Aboriginal College, the GO Foundation and the Sydney Swans, and has recently been appointed Professor of Communications at the University of Queensland.

We’re inspired by the everyday actions and attitudes of this brilliant, warm and funny woman who simply embodies ‘You Can, Too’!

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