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Choosing a Charity

Want to make a difference with your donation but not sure which cause to choose?

Of course, we’d love you to choose Lions Australia to help us fund the many projects we support! But here’s a few things to consider.

Choose something that is meaningful and important to you.

Supporting a charity gives you the opportunity to make a real impact for good. It may be a local grassroots organisations or a huge global initiative – but every non-profit organisation needs the help of others.

Think about HOW you’d like to help.

There are lots of ways that you can support a charity from simple donations to giving some of your time. You may prefer to be an anonymous donor, or you may wish to be a recognised benefactor. Perhaps you can help with organising events, volunteering, or through leadership roles.

Whatever your ability to donate either funds or time, even the smallest commitment can help.

Learn where your money goes.

It’s also important to do a little research to understand how your donations are used – but this can be confusing.

  • There are charities that are registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission). This is a free online database of charities registered with the ACNC and contains information such as annual reports from charities and operating hours.
  • There are not-for-profit organisations that are NOT registered with the ACNC but ARE incorporated associations with a charitable purpose registered with the appropriate local state authority, eg. NSW Department of Fair Trading.
  • A charity or not-for-profit may be registered within a state, but not required to be registered nationally.
  • Lions Australia is a not-for-profit with our Lions Clubs registered in each state. However, some of our organisations and projects, such as the Australian Lions Foundation and the Lions Australian Childhood Cancer Research Foundation, ARE charities registered with the ACNC.
  • Charity donations can be claimed on your tax return if your charity is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). (For a tax-deductible donation to Lions Australia your donation needs to go to the ALF or ALCCRF.)


Don’t be! Lions Australia can now accept donations directly and will distribute funds to legitimate causes throughout Australia. These causes help Australian communities grow and thrive.

100% of funds donated by the public through fundraising are directed to the project for which they are intended.

The Lions Australia national office is managed by the Executive Officer and the Operations Coordinator, along with a small staff which assists members, provides public relations support, and manages club supplies. Salaries for the national office staff, as well as the operational costs of the organisation, are covered by annual fees paid by Lions members, not from publicly donated funds.

When you donate to Lions Australia you are donating to an organisation which helps out across a range of sectors including health, emergency services, cutting edge medical research, and projects which support our most vulnerable community members.

Here’s just some of the projects Lions Australia supports:

Find out more about the Lions Foundations and projects.


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