Australian Lions Hearing Dogs

Lions to celebrate special four-legged friends this month

Lions around the country will celebrate National Hearing Dog Day on the 19th of April 2023.

National Hearing Dog Day is an annual celebration of the very first Hearing Assistance Dog delivered in Australia in 1982. Over 40 years ago on this day, Hearing Dog ‘Amber’ was provided free of charge to a Deaf recipient living in metropolitan South Australia.

Since then, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) have provided over 670 Hearing Assistance Dogs to Australians who are deaf or hard of hearing, reaching from Albany in WA over to Far North Queensland.

National Hearing Dog Day is an opportunity to share stories of the Hearing Dogs that have changed and saved lives, the puppies that have received love and encouragement from ALHD volunteers, the Lions Clubs that make the logistics of each placement a reality, and the community of generous supporters that give with their heart and help ALHD provide Assistance Dogs to people in need.

One in six Australians are suffering from some form of hearing loss and this number is on the rise.

The work of Australian Lions Hearing Dogs is not only helping many Australians live a safer, more secure and confident lifestyle but it’s also giving the animals a new home and purpose. An Australian Lions Hearing Dog can be any shape or size and the majority of dogs are actually sourced from pounds, rescue organisations and shelters.

The cost of fully training a Lions Hearing Dog is just under $40,000.

ALHD National Hearing Dog Day

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs CEO David Horne says there is growing demand for hearing dogs in the community.

“Since the 1980s, Australian Lions Hearing Dogs has been training and placing Hearing Assistance Dogs with deaf or hard of hearing people all around Australia. We are the only Australian organisation accredited by Assistance Dogs International to carry out such work. There is currently a very high demand for our dogs with one in six Australians now suffering from some form of hearing loss. Unfortunately, this number is on the rise,” says David.

“Australian Lions Hearing Dog is 100% funded by donations, accepting support from many Lions Clubs and individuals around Australia. The more funds raised, the more Assistance Dogs we can provide to Australians in need,” adds David.

To support the continuation and success of the Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, you can find a resource pack or purchase the National Hearing Dog Day shoelace pack online here or make a donation here.