Lions Skin Check and Awareness Van

Lions Free Skin Checks Make a Difference

The Lions V Districts Cancer Foundation mobile skin check van stopped in at the seaside town of Torquay, southwest of Melbourne, offering free skin check services to those with limited access to specialist skin care professionals.

Torquay Lions Club President, Colin Bellis, is delighted that many local residents took up the opportunity for a free skin check over two days.

“When I visited the Lions Skin Check and Awareness Mobile Unit on its first day of operation in Torquay, a number of people had already been advised to make a potentially life-saving appointment with their GP by having a thorough follow up,” he stated.

Since the Unit has been in operation in various towns in regional Victoria, 3,489 checks have been done and from those checks 1,483 referrals to GPs have been necessary.

Lions Free Skin Check Van Torquay

Torquay Lions Club President Colin Bellis, Friend of Lions Gail Roche, check in Rod Joyce from Anglesea, and Lorraine Large from Jan Juc for free skin checks at the Lions Skin Check and Awareness Mobile Unit.

“We all need to be concerned about skin cancer, and anyone showing signs of skin changes should have them checked by health professionals.

“Our Lions Mobile Unit is hard-pressed to meet the need in regional Victoria, but we are aiming to bring the mobile unit back to Torquay as soon as we are able,” Lion Colin said.

The van was at Wurdi Baierr Stadium, Torquay on Friday, July 1st and Saturday, July 2nd.

Locals who had made appointments were checked by trained and certificated volunteers.

The Lions team pointed out that many people told them it was a wonderful initiative of Lions.

Skin Check Van

Colin Large from Jan Juc chats with Torquay Lions Club President Colin Bellis, while waiting for his free skin check.

“It’s been great to provide people with valuable and timely data about skin care and self-checking techniques. Just having the Unit here in Torquay has helped raise the community’s awareness,” Lion Colin said.

“It is well-known Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

“Lions Clubs in Victoria and Southern NSW are working hard to reduce that level and its impact on families, but every one of the Surf Coast needs to take action”, Lion Colin concluded.

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