Free Trade Day

Hundreds of tradies give up their time to help people in need

Hundreds of tradies donated a day of their time on the 26th of August 2022 to help people in need in the community who can’t afford essential repairs and maintenance for their homes.

Free Trade Day is an annual event run by Lions volunteers which brings together trades people and suppliers to deliver services to people who have fallen on hard times in the community.

Free Trade Day Founder and Lions volunteer Ryan Wilson says since launching the initiative in 2017, there is growing demand for support in the community and a strong appetite from tradies to make a difference.

“As tradespeople, we see some terrible situations. Families struggling to make ends meet, the elderly alone in their homes with limited financial resources, our neighbours struggling to complete essential maintenance repairs to their homes.”

Free Trade Day 2022

“Free Trade Day is a great opportunity for the trade community to come together and lend a helping hand and tool to those who unfortunately cannot afford to have important repairs and maintenance done on their homes.”

“We have a website where tradies can register their services and people needing help can self register or be nominated by someone else. We then connect tradies with people who need a helping hand.”

“We launched Free Trade Day in the Central Coast in 2017. Since then our country has had some truly challenging times from fires, floods and a health pandemic. With thanks to the many tradies who have signed up, suppliers who have provided materials and also members of the public who have made donations, over 60 jobs are being done across the Central Coast on Friday.

Free trade Day 2022

Over $48,000 worth of labour, materials and donations have been raised for the Central Coast jobs.”

The event is coordinated by Terrigal Wamberal Lions Club who have been working hard behind the scenes organising and fundraising for the event.

Lions volunteers were out and about in the community on the day helping out with projects, keeping some of the nominees company whilst the work was being done and hosting a BBQ for the tradies and nominees.

Free Trade Day 2022

“We are hoping to have Lions Clubs all over the country participating next year and giving tradies and more people in the community an opportunity to benefit from the Free Trade Day initiative,” adds Ryan.

For more information on Free Trade Day, click here.