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More Than Just Sausages

Posted on Nov 16th 2018 by in Media Releases, News, Uncategorized

Lions Australia has been serving delicious sausage sandwiches to Australians for decades and we will continue to give the people what they want.

More Than Sausages

Onions on top the sausage, onions underneath the sausage – even no onions – our aim is to ensure you receive exactly the sausage sandwich you need.

Lions members have shared wide views on the sausage sandwich incident as discussed in the media this week:

  • Erin: “I don’t care how it comes but I do swap it over to the onion on top myself because … that’s the right way.”
  • Jenny: “You can do it backwards if you want, but I want my onions and sauce on the top!”
  • Susan: “TWO SLICES OF BREAD! That’s going a bit too far. How do you hold it all in with one hand. Impossible!”
  • Bronwen: “Ridiculous! If you put the onions on first, the bread will go soggy and fall apart.”
  • Chris: “The bread will become soggy from the onion juice, the sausage will roll off, and when you bit down on the sausage you will push the onion out from underneath. I think education in eating a sausage in bread is the way to go.”

And this from Linda which perhaps explains what really matters:

  • “It may not matter soon because with drought now in five states – if we don’t step it up to save our farmers, there won’t be any sausages to put on top of the onions. And probably no onions, either.”

Lions members will do whatever is expected so that we can continue to provide assistance to drought-stricken farming families and support for people during other disasters.

We will continue to do whatever is necessary to raise funds for life-saving medical research into childhood cancers, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

And we will continue to help those in need.

Because Lions Australia is more than sausages.

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