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Oz Clubhouse Support Q & A

The Oz Clubhouse system has been upgraded. Recent Questions and Answers are listed on this page below our contact form. For other questions or support please email ozclubhouse@lions.org.au or use the Contact Form below.
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Questions and Answers

Instructions or Videos are here https://lionsclubs.org.au/members/oz-clubhouse/

Q. My sidebars used to be dark grey now they are light grey?
A. Yes. We lightened the sidebar borders, to match the light grey background of the main menu. We did this so the visitor’s eyes are attracted to your images and text, rather than the sidebar borders which were very thick and dark.

Q. The website doesn’t display properly – I am using Windows XP
A. Windows XP has been discontinued for many years. From the 8 April 2014 Microsoft is stopping its support, no longer providing security updates for XP. See article at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/end-support-help Microsoft recommend that you upgrade your operating system and this may mean upgrading your computer.

The Oz Clubhouse system has been built to operate with current operating systems and browsers such as Internet Explorer versions 11 and current versions of Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

Q. What is the maximum upload limit for files?
A.  Images should be resized so they have a maximum width or height for an image of 600px or less.  200KB is preferred maximum file size for an image. The maximum size pdf file you can upload is 5MB.

Q. I can’t see the Menu on my website
A. If you have reduced your browser width, so it only shows on part of your screen, it may have reached the width where the horizontal menu is replaced by the vertical drop down menu. The vertical drop down menu is accessed by clicking on the blue button with 3 horizontal white lines on it on the menu bar.

Q. Some Menu Pages are Missing? I made an edit in my website and logged out, but most of my menu pages are no longer showing on the menu? They show when I am logged in, but not logged out?
A. There have been a few sites reported where this has happened, as some pages are unsure if they are public or not. Log in and visit each page and select the Open To Edit drop down menu on the right, select Page Access and click to say it is Not a Members Only page and Save it. Do this for each page that is affected. Then your missing pages should reappear on the logged out public menu.

Q. My website is not displaying properly, everything is out of place and I cannot login. I am using Internet Explorer 8
A. The old Oz Clubhouse was built in 2009, so it still worked with IE8 which was released in 2009. However since that time, there have been 3 upgrades by Microsoft to their browser IE9 IE10 and IE11. Their history is shown here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Explorer The new Oz Clubhouse system is designed to work with the current range of browsers. Therefore there are a couple of options to allow you to see your website. You could update you browser to the current version of Internet Explorer here http://windows.microsoft.com/ or you could download a second browser on your computer, such as Firefox here http://www.mozilla.org/ or Chrome www.google.com/chrome/‎ They are both free.

Q. I am a Webmaster but can’t log in to my website
A. Some logins may have not been copied over to the new system, please send your name and club name to our Webmaster using our Contact Form above and it will be corrected

Q. If I am in my Edit window I can see the drop down menu called Open To Edit on my right, but it doesn’t function?
A. Yes, the Open To Edit drop down menu displays once you have logged in and remains on the right of your screen, even when you have the Edit Window open to edit part of a page. But to use the Open To Edit drop down menu you have to close your Edit window, but remain logged in to your page.

enlargeQ. If I am in my Edit window and I click the enlarge button at the top right of the Edit window , how do I minimise again?
A. Once you enlarge the Edit window, you can only Close or Save the Edit window using the Close or Save buttons on the Edit window. Close it if you don’t want to save your edit, or Save if you do want to Save your edit.

Q. There seem to be less news items listed on my home page ?
A. Yes, the left column of your home page now presents your Latest News to your visitor. It presents the latest 5 Club news items, latest 3 District news items and Latest 3 National News items. If a visitor wishes to see old news that you may have, they can see all News you have left on your website on the News page of your website.

Q. I notice in the new software, my images, some were were aligned to the right or left in the text, are not aligned any more?
A. Yes, you will need to align your images again. Open the Edit window, click on the image, click on the Image button on the toolbar, down the bottom of the window you can choose to have your image left aligned (on the left of your text) or right aligned (on the right of your text). You can add space around the side of your image if you wish. Horizontal each side and Vertical is top and bottom. Usually space of 10 Horiz and 10 Vert is adequate to make the image and text sit nicely apart. Click Ok and Save your changes.

Q. I notice in the new software, my videos are no longer displaying, only the link is showing?
A. Yes, you will need to add your videos again. The easiest way is to copy the Embed code from YouTube and use the Source button in the Edit window and paste the embed code into your page.

Q. Will my club website still look OK after the new software is installed? Will I have to change things?
A.  After the new software is installed, you may wish to adjust spacings and paragraph breaks etc to tidy up the layout on your pages. You may need to move text or images out of tables and just place them in the page normally. There are 505 live sites which have been edited differently by each Webmaster, so some may need more adjustment than others. The reason is the new system uses a more fluid structure, so that it can be read on smaller screens such as tablets and mobile phones. The reason for allowing this is because the use of mobile phones and tablets to visit lions club websites is now about 33%. Therefore, the wide screen you see on your desktop or laptop computer gets squeezed by the software when it displays on a tablet or mobile, with paragraphs and images narrowing and slipping above or below each other.

Therefore, in future, your site will display better if your page layout is kept simple. For example, you may find it is best not to use tables to layout your page, as on smaller screens these may be thrown out. The best way to check, if you don’t have a smartphone, is to grab the side of your browser by clicking and holding with your mouse and slowly dragging it to narrow the window. As it narrows, you can watch how your site displays.

Q. Will retraining be required for use?
A. A fresh reading of the new instructions should be all you need. The new software uses a slightly different editing window with some slightly different icons and additional functions. If you can use the existing editor, you will be able to use the new editor.  New instructions have been written and brief videos have been produced. Links are in the table in our main Oz Clubhouse page. (The new editor is called CKEditor. The old Oz Clubhouse used WYMEditor.)

Q. When will the change to the new system happen?
A. The change happened over 23-25 January 2014.

Q. Will the new Oz Clubhouse system look and behave differently
A. Initially the new Oz Clubhouse should look similar to the current Oz Clubhouse for visitors. For Webmasters, it will be slightly different to use. New instructions have been written and a brief video has been produced.

Q. Will the upgrade include an email address for each club which could be redirected a the appropriate club member?
A. The upgrade is just to the website system. I am not aware of any plans by National Office to introduce a club email system.

Q. Will the changes to the system allow us to copy and paste for recurring events on the events pages?
A. Not in this upgrade, but it is on the request list for the next upgrade.

For questions or support please contact the Lions Australia Oz Clubhouse Webmaster at  ozclubhouse@lions.org.au

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