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Kings Lioness Clubs

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Kings Lioness Clubs are a category of Lioness Clubs for young adults with disabilities.

Their purposes are:

  • To form a special category of Kings Lioness Clubs by inviting young adults with disabilities to become members.
  • To actively engage Kings Lioness Club Members in community focused projects by utilising and valuing their abilities in accordance with each members desire and ability.
  • To enhance lifestyle while working in partnership with fellow members of the Lions organization in serving people less fortunate than themselves.
  • To encourage fun, friendship and fellowship amongst all.

Care For Fellow Members
Lioness logo with word Lioness underneathThe utmost care and diligence is undertaken by all to ensure that no kings lioness club member is subjected to any duress in carrying out their membership role within the club.

Partnerships are formed with local accredited disability agencies who provide the professional support and guidance to, the kings lioness club via the guiding lioness. A minimum of four support members provide assistance with the kings lioness clubs’ activities.

Membership Details

  • Membership category – Young Adults With Disabilities (female or male)
  • Membership cost – $20 per year
  • Meetings – Monthly meetings are held at a venue, time and place best suited to the kings lioness club membership. A meal may be provided at each club’s discretion.
  • Meeting procedure – Kings lioness clubs operate within the constitution and by – laws of the Lioness Program of MD201 (Australia & Papua New Guinea).

Club officers are elected and receive training in their duties.

Download a brochure here

For further information contact: MD Lioness Kings Cordinator, Lenore Howard

Make A Difference
Are you interested in helping others and meeting new friends?

Are You Looking For New Experiences?
Fun, friendship, fellowship and new opportunities?
Then join a kings lioness club and become a valued member of the lions family.


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