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The Lifesaver Foundation

The Lions Lifesaver Foundation has a charter to provide the Lions Clubs and Members around Australia with tools to help promote Lionism in Australia & Papua New Guinea, and gain new members

The Lifesaver Foundation was formed in 1985, with a $200,000.00 donation from the original manufacturer of our Lions mints, Mr Harold Quinton, who wanted to assist in promoting the wonderful work done by Lions Clubs across Australia.

A Board of Directors is appointed to manage the Trust, and its current Board is:

Mr James MacLeod – Chair
PDG Brian McGrath OAM
PDG Roley McAtee
PDG Noreen Carr
Mr Ian Kennedy

For more information and order forms please visit 

The products we currently offer include:

  • Little People Car Stickers
  • Bookmarks
  • QR code stickers
  • Community Radio advertisements

Read more here about the Lifesaver Foundation – Our History

The full name of the Foundation is:

The Trustee for the Life Saver Foundation ABN: 28 747 466 072



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