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Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1) We are using the local Town Hall for a Function and the Council has asked for proof that Lions have a Public Liability Policy. What do we do?

A)Your first step is to visit the Lions Insurance Website and download the two Certificates involved. If you do not have access to the Internet, you should contact Lion Garry Galvin who will issue the necessary Certificates of Currency. Lions carry Public Liability Insurance with a Total Sum Insured of $20,000,000. But please do not leave your request until the last moment.  If your Club carries a Public Liability Policy arranged through another Company, it is suggested that you should not renew this Policy until you have checked with Lion Garry, as the chances are that you are paying for this Cover unnecessarily.

Q2) Our Club is Incorporated in NSW and the Annual Return calls for our Public Liability Policy details. How do we obtain this information?

A) From the information available to us, the Department of Fair Trading NSW is no longer calling for insurance confirmation. If you do receive a request for this information from the Department, please contact Lion Garry Galvin

Q3) Does the Lions Public Liability Policy cover the various Stall Holders who buy Space from our Club at our Monthly Market?

A) No. The Lions Liability Programme only covers your Club’s Liability. Please discuss this matter with Lion Garry Galvin.

Q4) If we hire our Club Owned Merry-Go-Round to the local P & C Association, are they insured under our Public Liability Policy whilst they are operating the Unit.?

A) No. The Lions Public Liability Policies do not cover any Other Organisation or Party. However, if someone was injured because your Club failed to maintain the Unit, any Award against your Club would be covered

Q5) Our Club owns a Catering Caravan. How can we obtain insurance on this Van?

A) Our Brokers have arranged a Facility to insure these Caravans. All that is required is for your Club to send full details to Lion Garry Galvin who will arrange a Quotation for you and place the Insurance upon payment of the Premium. An application for Insurance can be downloaded at

Q6) Are Motor Vehicles used on Club Projects insured by Lions?

A) No. Not under any Policy arranged by the MD 201 Council. The Members’ Own Comprehensive Insurance should cover this Risk. In fact, it would be prudent to make sure that all Members’ Vehicles are insured before using them on any Project.  Each Club should consider purchasing the Optional Extra Insurance to cover the Reimbursement of a Member’s Excess following an accident whilst a Vehicle is being used on a Project.

Q7) Is it possible to arrange Insurance on Member’s Children under the Age of 15, who assist on Lions’ Projects as Voluntary Workers?

A) No. The only Cover for these Youth, under the Lions Personal Accident Policy, is the $2,000 Additional Benefits.

Q8) Our Club regularly borrows Equipment from a Member for use on a Project. Is this Insured?

A) No. There is no automatic Insurance on Project Equipment. To arrange this Cover, all you need to do is to contact Lion Garry Galvin who will arrange a Quote.

Q9) Is it necessary for all Projects to be approved at a Board or Dinner Meeting and recorded in the Club’s Minutes?

A) Yes. Until an Activity is approved, it does not become an Official Club Project and therefore, difficulties may be experienced should a serious accident take place on the Project.

Q10) Are our Partners insured under the Lions Personal Accident Policy whilst involved in any Lions Activity, Meeting or Convention?

A)Yes. Accompanying Partners are now insured on the same basis as for Lions Members.

Q11) Lately, we have heard that some Lions had stolen Club Funds. Is there any way that we can take steps to avoid this?

A) Yes. Each month, the Club Board must insist on the Treasurer submitting a Financial Report accompanied by the Bank Statements for sighting.  Special care must also be taken of Cash Collections until Banked. Blank Cheques must not be signed and all Cheque Signatories should sight supporting Vouchers before signing cheques. All Cheques must require at least two Signatures.

Q12) Our Club operates a Paper Recycling Depot and we store paper in large wooden crates, some of which are stacked on top of each other. Lately, it has been ascertained that someone has been climbing onto the stack of boxes. Are we covered if someone was injured and should we display any signage?

A) Certainly, your Club is covered for any legal liability which you might incur whilst involved in this Project. Yes, you should certainly display adequate signage that clearly request persons to keep off and that the Lions Club does not accept any responsibility for any injuries sustained.

Perhaps you could approach your local Police and request them to keep a watch on the Site whilst on their Patrols.

We all have a Duty of Care to take reasonable steps to ensure that anyone who enters our premises can do so with the expeditions that the area is safe.

Q13) Our Club is considering conducting a Car Navigation and Observation Rally. Are we insured?

A) The Car Observation Project is okay but please understand that Participants in the Vehicles ARE NOT INSURED under any Lions Insurance Policy whilst on the actual Rally. And the Owners of the individual vehicles should check with their CTP and Comprehensive Insurers to ascertain if their Policies will cover their Units whilst being used on this Project. No liability is covered under any Lions Policy for any injury or damage caused by any of the Motor Vehicles used on this Rally.

Any Member involved in the control of the Rally would still be covered under the Lions Personal Accident Policy and if any Club desired to arrange a special coverage for Participants, they should contact Lion Garry Galvin.

Q14) Our Club has just been given a Motorised Scooter and we intend to loan it to needy members of our Community. Are we okay with insurance coverage?

A) The legal liability arising out of the ownership or maintenance of this Unit is covered okay under the Lions Public Liability and you need not have any worries in this regard. However, be aware that any Other Person, including any Users, ARE NOT covered under Lions Policies. They should be made aware of this fact.

There is no insurance to cover any damage or theft of the Scooter and if such insurance is required, just contact Lion Garry Galvin for assistance and a quote.

Q15) If our Club conducts a BBQ and a member of the Public experiences Food Poisoning, are we covered if they lodge a claim against us?

A) Yes. Our Public Liability Policy includes the Goods Sold Extension.

Q16) Our Club owns a Building at which we conduct activities. These are often open to the public and admission may be charged. We also rent the building to others for various activities. Are these several phases of the building operations covered for our legal liability?

A) Yes. However, others who rent or use the building or facility should carry their own liability insurance and include your Club as an additional insured. Our Policy does not protect the renter or users for their liability.   

Q17) Our Club operates a Glaucoma Clinic. Are we covered for malpractice on the part of a doctor we employ? Is a doctor who donates his/her services covered?

A) The definition of “Bodily Injury” in the policy has been amended to include injury arising out of the rendering of or failure to render professional services by a physician, dentist or nurse while employed by, or donated his/her services to the Named Insured. Your Club would be protected for its contingent liability for the doctor’s acts. The doctor’s own malpractice insurance would be primary. We provide “Incidental Malpractice” coverage for the Club only and do not cover the doctor for his direct professional liability. Trained professional technicians are treated the same as doctors when performing services within their profession.

Q18) Our Club will conduct an aviation activity. How does the Liability Policy apply to this Project?

A) The policy would apply to activities, concessions, etc, at the event, but would not cover accidents arising from the ownership, maintenance or use of any aircraft. The show operator or aircraft owners must carry adequate liability insurance. To be protected the Club must have your name included as an additional insured under the operator’s or owner’s insurance.

Q19) A Lion is driving his car on Lions Business and strikes a tree, damaging his vehicle and injuring himself. Is there any coverage under any Lions Policy.

A) No. there is no coverage for any damage sustained to a member’s private motor vehicle.  If his/her Club has purchased the Optional Excess Reimbursement Insurance, then any excess payable might be claimable.

It would be advisable that Club’s ensure that when a Member uses his/her car on Club business, that it is comprehensively insured.

To send a question to Lion Garry Galvin in relation to the Lions Insurance Programme, click here.

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