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Follow Your Dream Foundation – Australia

The Follow Your Dream Foundation – Australia was formed as a trust for charitable purposes on 9 July 2013 very soon after International President Barry Palmer was sworn in to that position. The Foundation Trust Deed Clause 3(a) sets out the Objects in the following terms:-
“The Trust is established and must be maintained exclusively for charitable and humanitarian purposes in Australia, being the purposes of providing money, property or benefits for:
(i) The support and encouragement of any business, undertaking exercise or event conducted or intended to be conducted by a young person or persons or other entity over which a young person or persons hold some control and which business, undertaking, exercise or event is intended for his, her or their future support or well-being, either with or without others;
(ii) The well-being, support, maintenance and encouragement of the young, the disadvantaged, the aged and the needy in the community; and
(iii) The support of any community service Organisation and/or of any other business, entity or undertaking having in the unfettered opinion of the Trustees like objects to the objects of the trust.

For the purposes of this clause the expression “young person” shall be deemed to mean any person who at the time of receipt of support from the trust is under the age of thirty-six (36) years.”

The Project will be managed by the Sydney Follow Your Dream Lions Club, which will work in conjunction with the Trustees of the Foundation and the Members of the Committee appointed by the Trustees.

The Managing Club will ensure that reports of the Project are submitted to each Convention together with the disclosure of financial records as per the Multiple District Constitution and will also ensure that such other reports as are sought shall also be provided. The Managing Club will also ensure that an approved Web Site, registered mail address and an email address are maintained.

While the responsibilities and powers of the Trustees under the Trust Deed cannot be fettered, it is to be a condition of the adoption of the Foundation as a Multiple District Project that the Trustees will provide to the Managing Club such information and co-operation as are necessary to enable the Managing Club to fulfil its obligations.

The Follow Your Dream Foundation – Australia ABN 98 120 513 776, is a project of Multiple District 201 of Lions Clubs International Inc ABN: 63 592 786 032 ARBN: 062 740 078

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