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ALF – Frequently Asked Questions

Australian Lions Foundation (ALF) – Frequently Asked questions

What is the Australian Lions Foundation?

The Foundation was formed with this purpose:-

  • To provide help and assistance for public relief, emergency aid and community welfare for persons in necessitous circumstances in Australia.

When did ALF start?

The Foundation was formed in 1981 by the Council of Governors of the day and this was formalised at the Multiple District Convention at Mt. Gambier in 1983.

How does the Foundation operate?

By a Deed of Trust, and with approval of all State and Territory Attorneys – General and the Australian Taxation Office.

What does ALF do?

Provides financial assistance and support, in times of Disasters/Emergencies and for Community Welfare Projects.

Who manages ALF?

Six Trustees, representing each State and Territory. Trustees are elected to serve for a three year term with two Trustees being elected each year at the Foundation’s AGM, on a rotation system, to ensure continuity. Each Trustee has a specific portfolio to help the Foundation to carry out its operations, these include, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Emergency Grants Chairman, Promotions Chairman, Awards Chairman and Grants Chairman.

Where do the funds come from?

Gifts are received from Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, Zones, Districts other Lions Groups, Individuals and Interest from Investments.

Is recognition given for gifts to ALF?

Yes. All gifts are acknowledged and through the ALF Award Program, Clubs, Zones, Districts and other Lions Groups can recognise individuals or groups from within the community and the Lions Family.

What are these awards?

William R Tresise Fellow Award                          $2000 gift

Ian M Stockdale Humanitarian Award               $1000 gift

James D Richardson Honour Award                   $500 gift

Community Service Award                                  $250 gift



Who are these Awards given to and why?

There is no restriction on the donor as to who they can recognise. Many Clubs, Zones, Districts and other Lions Groups recognise a member or members for such things as, years of service or because the member has completed a project of some consequence or has been a very active member of the club or of our organization or community. Some Clubs each year recognise others in their community for their outstanding contribution. eg, Mayor or Shire President, SES groups, CWA members, Meals on Wheels helpers, Voluntary Ambulance and Fire Fighting members, Youth Leaders, etc. These are just a few examples.

How do we apply for these Awards?

Application forms for an award are available here on this website, or from any Trustee.

Link to Awards Page

Make sure all details on the application are correct. Please check all spelling and dates and in particular that all details are legible. Ensure that the recognition wording is kept to a minimum, as long descriptions detract from the overall appearance of the Award. Check the address the Award is to be forwarded to and that it is not the Award recipient’s address. You should normally allow four [5] weeks or more for delivery. Mail the application form together with your cheque to the ALF Awards Chairman.

Can an Award be paid for in instalments?

“Yes. Donations for all Awards can be paid for in two equal instalments over two years provided that when the first instalment is made you denote it as a part-donation for the Award required. (There is no need for the recipient to be named at this time). Upon final donation and submission of the Application Form, the Award will be prepared and forwarded.”

What are the guidelines for Grant Applications?

The Trustees Will Not Consider The Following For General Grants:

  1. – Club fundraising equipment or buildings (Provided that Lions community BBQs/Catering Trailers, and repairs/upgrades to Club Buildings and Facilities, may be considered where information is provided of substantial free of charge use and/or availability thereof for emergency/disaster/community services purposes).
  2. – Playground equipment (except for “Soft-Fall” and Shade Covers).
  3. – Commercial and Industrial Research. Purchase of land. Payment of Salaries or Interest.

  4. – Projects that have already been commenced or are completed (Provided that initial project planning and requests for funding shall not be deemed commencement).

  5. – Funding of Projects outside MD201.

  6. – Fuel, fodder and fencing.

  7. – Medical or any other Equipment which could give a commercial benefit to individuals or groups. Any project which may provide personal gain.

  8. – Sponsorship’s or Scholarships. Bereavement Expenses. Monuments.

  9. – Other Foundations.

  10. – Funding must be for specific items and not for general or central funds.

All Decisions Of The Trustees Are Made In Good Faith And Are Final And Binding

Where can you get Grant Application Forms?

These are available from the ALF Grants Page, all District ALF Chairpersons and ALF Trustees and the ALF Grants Chairman. The Grant Application Form clearly sets out the Instructions and Conditions.


The Applicant Club or District is expected to provide the majority of the funds.

The maximum grant from ALF is $15.000.

How do you apply for an Emergency Grant?

In the first instance by telephone to the Foundation Chairman. Details of the contact person and telephone number appear in the current Multiple District Directory, under the Australian Lions Foundation Listing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

Please urge your Club, Zone or District to support ALF The Australian Lions Foundation  Awards Program

For further information contact Australian Lions Foundation  or Secretary or State Trustee

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