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Cakes for Farmers

Australian farmers are experiencing one of the worst droughts on record affecting families in every state and territory.

Lions Clubs across Australia have rallied to support farmers with emergency stock and animal feed, and to raise funds to continue to support farmers and their families during this drought crisis.

Our delicious Lions Christmas Cakes have been an important fundraising project for Lions Clubs in Australia for decades.

From just $15, you can ensure some of your own family’s Christmas joy is shared with another family experiencing an incredibly tough and challenging time.

We will be continuing with all other Lions Australia projects to provide assistance for drought-stricken farmers but we’re also inviting you to help send a little Christmas cheer.

This Christmas, we’re sending Cakes to Farmers.

Thank you to everyone who has made donations to Lions Cakes for Farmers to help support families across Australia who are experiencing hardship due to the current drought.

Lions will be distributing our beautiful Christmas cakes to families over the next few weeks to ensure that they receive them in time for Christmas.

While a simple cake may not seem like much, we hope this gesture of support to families will provide at least one small bright moment in an otherwise difficult time.



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