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Are you an Australian Youth looking for an overseas adventure in your summer holidays?
Yes? Then try the Lions Youth Exchange Program

Youth aged 16-21 years eligible.

  • No school attendance required
  • Free accommodation provided by host families from Lions Clubs International, the largest community organization in the world
  • Chaperoned stopovers available in Los Angeles & London
  • Depart Australia early December, return mid-January (5-6 weeks of summer holidays). Youth travelling to Japan depart late November and return to Australian late December – just after Christmas.
  • Costs range between $3,000 to $7,500 depending on destination.
  • Youth applying for exchange to Japan or France must be able to converse competently in Japanese or French language. Host families in Japan may not speak English. Preference will be given to youth who have not travelled to Japan previously.

The Lions Youth Exchange Program is a great way to meet and make friends with people from all over the world. Choose from this range of exciting destinations for an affordable, unforgettable and exciting cultural experience. All Lions Youth Exchange Programs depart in early December and return in mid January.

“I am ever so grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate in the Lions exchange, where I was able to gain a wider view of the world, through meeting some incredible individuals, through seeing the beauty and absorbing the different culture as a whole”  says Karina

Applications Close 30th June

AUSTRALIAN APPLICANTS :  For more information, download this brochure – YE Application Guidelines – Australian Youth  – or email the respective Program Coordinator listed below.

The following members of the Lions MD201 Youth Exchange Committee coordinate applications from Australian youth
To learn more about these destinations,
click on the region or country names in the column below
National Chairperson
Tony Reading  md201ye@gmail.com.au
Continental Europe and Associated Rachel Davey  davrgcj@bigpond.net.au
India Desley Kelso  desley.kelso@bigpond.com
Japan Gae Bergin  gaebergin@gmail.com
Malaysia Desley Kelso  desley.kelso@bigpond.com
New Zealand Emily Struik  justasiam@skymesh.com
North America South America Suzanne Newton  pacviewa@ozemail.com.au
Scandinavia UK Combined Anne Lloyd  annemargaret56@hotmail.com
International Youth Camps Tony Reading md201ye@gmail.com.au

Australian Youth on Overseas Exchange in front of lake

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