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What Leos do

Leo Club Purposes

1. to promote service activities among the youth of the community to develop the individual qualities of LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE AND OPPORTUNITY

2. to unite its members in friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding

 Serving the community

Since the first Leo club was formed in Pennsylvania USA in 1957, Leos have been making a difference in their local and global communities.

Leo clubs have the freedom to determine their own project goals, in line with their community’s needs and their club’s priorities. The possibilities are endless, but some typical Leo projects include:

  • protecting the environment through clean-ups and tree planting
  • helping the elderly or disabled in the community
  • volunteering at school or community events
  • assisting children in need
  • raising funds for medical research or equipment
  • sending care packages overseas or volunteering abroad
  • working with the sponsoring Lions club
  • supporting any worthwhile cause they choose

See more Leo projects on the Leos Facebook page.

Developing leaders

Leos conduct their own meetings so learn how to run a club effectively. They are able to use their initiative and creativity, organise projects, work as a team and develop leadership skills in a cooperative and friendly environment.

Leos also have the opportunity to participate in District, State, National and International camps and conventions where they can meet and socialise with other like-minded people, share ideas and broaden their impact.

“I love going to conventions to spend time with my Leo and Lions friends. We have so much fun together and I always come back with lots of ideas and enthusiasm to take our club forward.”

Having fun

Whether it’s a meeting, a project or a social outing, you can be sure that Leos will be having fun! Isn’t everything better when it’s done with a smile and a laugh with friends? Some Leos may even tell you that LEO stands for ‘Let’s Enjoy Ourselves’.

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