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Club formation and membership recruiting
MD201 Guide to Forming a Leo ClubFile Size is 111 KB  
Questions about Leo Clubs leo33File Size is 69 KB. This is a leaflet with Frequently asked questions about Leo clubs with answers.  
Leo Program Fees leo26File Size is 26 KB  
Leo Club Program Publication Order Form (leo4.pdf)File Size is 188 KB  
Leo Club Program Resources Guide (leo9.pdf)File Size is 104 KB  
MD201 Leo brochureFile Size is 999 KB  
Leo Club Brochure for Lions (leo46.pdf)File Size is 494 KB  
Alpha Leo Recruitment Brochure (leo57a.pdf)File Size is 507 KB. This brochure is aimed at inviting youth 12-18 to join Alpha Leo Clubs.  
Alpha Leo Membership Application (leo50a.pdf)File Size is 121KB  
Omega Leo Recruitment Brochure leo57oFile Size is 1.4 MB. This brochure is aimed at inviting youth 18-30 to join Omega Leo Clubs.  
Omega Leo Membership Application (leo50o.pdf)File Size is 121KB  
Standard Leo Club Constitution and By Laws File Size is 199 KB  
Leo Club Organization Report (leo51.pdf)File Size is 254 KB  
Handbooks and Info To Run A Leo Club
MD201 Guide for Leo Club OfficersFile Size is 790 KB  
Officer Installation & New Member Initiation (leo8.pdf)File Size is 52 KB  
Alpha Leo Club Program Handbook (leo65a.pdf)File Size is 3.1 MB. This handbook describes the things you need to know to run an Alpha Leo Club  
Omega Leo Club Program Handbook (leo65o.pdf)File Size is 3.1 MB. This handbook describes the things you need to know to run an Omega Leo Club  
Remote Leo Club MembershipFile Size 215KB  
Ideas for Leo Club activities (leo activities.pdf)File Size 39KB  
Leo Club Termination Form (leo86.pdf)File Size 360KB  
Leo Club Reporting
Monthly – Online reporting to LCI (MyLCI for Leo Clubs)File Size 115KB  
Quarterly – Written report to District Leo Chairman Leo (Quarterly Report form)File Size 274KB  
Information for Leo Advisors and Chairpersons
MD201 Guide for Leo Advisors & ChairpersonsFile Size is 620 KB  
Child Safe PolicyAll Lions national youth programs are managed according to our Child Safe Policy. This can be found on our Constitutional and Policy Resources page.  
Child Safe Assessment templateFile Size is 70 KB  
WWC RegisterFile Size is 73 KB  
Awards & Recognition – Individuals
MD201 Leo of the Year (annual contest from club entrants to national final)  
The Graham Pearce Award (the highest award for service to Leos)File Size is 91 KB  
Leo Honour Award (for distinguished service) – available for purchase from Lions Australia shop (Item L25)  
Leo Completion of Service Certificate (for graduating Leos)File Size is 274 KB  
Leo to Lion Certification and Years of Service Transfer Form (ll2.pdf)File Size is 109 KB  
Awards & Recognition – clubs
MD201 Leo Project of the Year AwardFile Size is 262 KB  
Leo Club October Membership Growth Award (leo101.pdf)File Size is 141 KB  
Leo Club Excellence Award Application (leo105.pdf)File Size is 191 KB  
Serving Together Award Application (leo-st.pdf)File Size is 139 KB  


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