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Pat’s ‘Green Team’ includes children from local schools including Clare Primary School.

The earth sustains human life. We’ve seen how our stewardship of natural resources can improve quality of life and increase engagement in our local communities.

Our environment is more than a background: it’s our home. And we’re committed to caring for it.

In 1972, Lions Clubs made a commitment to servicing the community in environmental related projects.

Over 3,000 environmental projects are carried out by Lions in Australia every year.

These projects are aimed to improve the quality of air, water and land as well as protect and preserve local flora and fauna.

Lions Clubs global objectives include sustainably protecting and restoring our environment to improve the well-being of all communities.

That’s why we work on projects to improve our communities and protect the environment.

And around the world, Lions demonstrate our commitment to the environment through Lions Green Team projects that protect the planet by cleaning the environment, planting trees, recycling and educating others.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can help with environmental projects near you, contact your local Lions Club.



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