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Emergency Response

In times of crisis Lions volunteers roll up their sleeves and take action.

From the Lions going above and beyond to feed and support emergency service workers and residents to the many volunteers across the country shaking donation buckets and hosting sausage sizzles and fundraisers for our National Appeal, Australia’s largest service organisation is making a big difference.

When disaster strikes, Lions focus on doing what we can to get help to those in need as quickly as possible…

…and, when the danger has passed,  Lions will be working to revive these communities into the future.

How can you help?

If you are interested in making a difference in your own area or supporting another that has suffered through disaster, please visit – https://lionsclubs.org.au/join-lions/

For those looking to donate to these communities.  A cash donation is often the best way to support them.

Although many people would like donate household goods, etc.  that, although useful at some point, are difficult to store and distribute in the throes of an emergency. 
Cash resources means immediate needs can be addressed specifically and as effectively as possible.

To donate to the Australian Lions Foundation or the Lions Australia Community Chest please visit – https://lionsclubs.org.au/about/donation-bequests/

If you would like to keep up to date with news about how Lions are responding to assist in Emergencies or Disasters, visit our Emergency News page


For further information, contact the Lions Executive Officer at info@lions.org.au

Visit our Emergency News page



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