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The Multiple District Structure

The Australian Council of Governors

The Association is governed by the Multiple District Council, consisting of the Council Chairpersons and the nineteen Governors of the Districts of the Multiple District. The registered name of the Association is Multiple District 201 Of Lions Clubs International Inc. ABN: 63 592 786 032 ARBN: 062 740 078.

The Council is assisted by appointed officers and chairpersons of coordinating committees.

Constitutionally, the officers of the Multiple District are the Council Chairperson, Executive Officer, Council Treasurer and the Legal Officer.

The duty of Council is to implement Lions Convention resolutions, control the organisation of Lions projects and the Lions Convention, create new initiatives for the growth of Lionism, and to control the finances of the Multiple District.

Each Club belongs to a District who each year elect a District Governor. The Governor is a member of the Council.

2019 – 20 Management ExecutiveFile size is 148KB

The Committees

There are five Coordinating Committees which are Administration, Membership, Leadership, Youth and Community Projects and Marketing. They are responsible for different programmes in the Australian Multiple District.

Lions members may apply for vacancies on these committees as they become available. Managers are elected who meet and advise the Council of Governors on policies and procedures.

2019 -20 MD 201 CommitteesFile size is 774KB

Management Group

A Management Group comprising our Council Chairperson, Executive Officer, National Treasurer, Legal Officer and the four Coordinating Chairpersons of the Membership, Leadership, Youth and Community Projects,Marketing Committees and Global Service Team review reports prior to the relevant Council Meeting to ensure that all information required for Council is available and in a form which will enable Council to take decisions and develop policy.

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Members of the Association

The members of the Multiple District are all Lions Clubs in the Multiple District chartered by the International Board.

Alphabetical Clubs Listing with DistrictFile size is 703 KB. MD 201 of Lions Clubs International club charter dates listing. This list shows district, club name, club ID number and club charter date.


The Multiple District comprises the Districts from time to time within the territory of the Multiple District as approved by the International Board. Each District within the Multiple District shall be designated in such manner as shall be approved by the Council and the International Board.

2019 -20 District GovernorsFile size 227KB
2019-20 – MAPFile size is 412KB
Alphabetical Clubs Listing with DistrictFile size is 703 KB. MD 201 of Lions Clubs International club charter dates listing. This list shows district, club name, club ID number and club charter date.

National Office

The National office is managed by the Executive Officer and the Office Manager. With the staff they manage the administration of the MD201 Districts. They are there to assist members. They also manage the club supplies and online shop.

National OfficeLink to our Contact page.
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The Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is Council’s principal staff officer,exercising overall management responsibility for Council’s operations.

The Executive Officer:

  • Acts as the primary link between the members of Council and the organisation and is responsible for providing assistance to members of Council in developing policy.
  • Provides leadership to staff in achieving Council’s objectives
  • Is responsible in consultation with the National Treasurer for the financial management of the Council.
  • Subject to the direction of the Council communicates and promotes Council’s policies from time to time.

MD201 Council Locked Bag 2000
Newcastle, NSW 2300
Phone: 1800-655201 (02) 4940-8033

International Association of Lions Clubs

Multiple District 201′s 2015-16 International Officers

2019-2020 International OfficersFile size is 152KB

Multiple District 201 of Lions Clubs International Inc ABN: 63 592 786 032, is an Association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985 (SA) and an Australian Registered Body ARBN: 062 740 078.

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