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Invocare Supports Lions Australia

Invocare logoLions Clubs International Australia is very pleased to be supported by InvoCare, an Australian success story and the leading provider of funeral and related services in the Asia-Pacific region.

InvoCare assists Lions Australia in several important ways. First, through a Memorandum of Understanding, InvoCare supports Lions Australia in the hosting of District conventions, membership growth as well as the memorial sessions that feature during District and National Conventions. These efforts were on display during the Lions Clubs International Convention that was held in Sydney in 2010.

Second, InvoCare is a significant supporter of the Lions Recycle for Sight programme. Thanks to funeral brands such as White Lady Funerals, Simplicity Funerals, Guardian Funerals, Le Pine Funerals, George Hartnett Funerals, Metropolitan Funerals, Blackwell Funerals and Purslowe Funerals, there are eye-glasses collection boxes throughout Australia. InvoCare’s support of this important cause has seen more than 200,000 glasses donated in recent years.

InvoCare is also a significant supporter of Lions Club activities around Australia. Since 2010, the company has contributed more than $185,000 through ticket sales at events, donations for raffles and a wide range of acts of corporate giving. Without this contribution, many Lions Clubs would not have been able to meet their fund-raising goals.

Finally, InvoCare supports Lions Clubs through active membership. More than 90 InvoCare staff are leading and active members of Lions Clubs, helping to keep Club activities dynamic and securing the future of our volunteer association.
Lions Clubs International Australia is very thankful for the support it receives from InvoCare. InvoCare is active in other countries around the Asia-Pacific as well, and is a supporter of Lions Clubs and activities in both New Zealand and Singapore.
If you would like to find out more about InvoCare, visit their website at:

Special Stationary for Lions Members – courtesy of


Order customised stationary on line and support Lions Australia.

Please read the following instructions before proceeding to

1. Lions members should be sure to select their own club as beneficiary. There are MANY other community groups that can be nominated as beneficiary.

If Lions is to be beneficiary, then your members should ensure their own club is selected;

2. If Lions members select their club as beneficiary, then their club will receive 7.5% and Lions Australia will receive 2.5% of the sales price (excluding delivery/postage costs). If the Lions member selects a community group that is not a Lions club, then Lions Australia will receive nothing;

3. The URL is: and,

4. There are a wide range of products suitable for both business and personal use. Pty Ltd

(ACN 112 132 395 ABN 72 112 132 395)


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