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Community 100 – Kimochis at Evanston Gardens Primary School

Posted on Nov 1st 2016 by in Lions100, News

Evanston Gardens Primary School is a grant recipient of the Community 100 program and is using their funds to expand the Kimochi program throughout the school, creating a consistent model for Social and Emotional Learning.

Kimochis, a social and emotional language program, teaches children how to identify and express feelings using Kimochis character dolls, each with their own personality that the children can relate and connect to. The program helps student to develop positive social skills, teaching communication strategies, and practically equipping students in the areas of problem solving, which helps them to be successful in all areas of life.

Expanding this program to incorporate the whole school would benefit the school community as there has already been a significant impact in helping students to understand their own and others emotions within the start-up classes. This is noticeable in improved student interactions, a greater ability to discuss the source and motivation behind behavioural issues, as well as supporting students through difficult times. The Kimochis program helps to create productive and positive members of the community, who are aware of their emotions, and can manage them in a positive and effective manner.


Evanston Gardens Primary School Kimochis

To mark Lions Club International’s centennial, Lions Australia has given away more than $100,000 to over 100 local projects (in the form of $1000 grants) as part of its Community 100 program. This Angle Vale Lions Club project makes a difference to the youth community.

Lions Australia have a proud history and therefore it is fitting to mark the international organisation’s centenary of service by doing what has made the organisation great, helping others.

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