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National Bushfire Relief Appeal

Posted on Jan 16th 2013 by in Australian Lions Foundation, Current Initiatives, Emergency, News

Australian Lions Foundation National Bushfire Relief Appeal – Message to all Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs Multiple District 201 – Australia.

To all Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs Multiple District 201 – Australia

As you would have seen from many media reports, the impact of bushfires across our country has increased. Although we have seen the severe damage caused by the fires in Tasmania and Victoria, New South Wales has now been affected. Areas in District N4 have been severally impacted by the fires with extensive property loss. Our Clubs are once again there to support those victims.
With the agreement and approval of Council Chairman Lou Onley, the Australian Lions Foundation has expanded its current appeal to a National Appeal to support all areas impacted by the current fires across Australia.

The Australian Lions Foundation has made an immediate Emergency Grant of $10,000 to assist District N4 support relief efforts in areas impacted by the fires in and around the Coonabarabran area. To date, 40 properties have been destroyed.

The Foundation is liaising closely with the Council Chairman and Governors and will continue to review support for areas that may be impacted further.

Clubs should continue to send their donations through their Cabinet Treasurer and not send direct to the ALF Emergency Relief Account as electronic deposits made without a reference from a club cannot be identified and allocated and acknowledged as a club contribution. If Clubs wish their donation to be directed to a specific area impacted by the fires, please indicate with your advice to your Treasurer otherwise the Foundation will disburse funds received proportionally to the needs of the areas. We have received approximately $40,000 from clubs for this part of the appeal and this is being disbursed as requested to District T1. Remember that every dollar that is donated goes directly to assist the victims of these fires.

Clubs are able to send their donations through their Cabinet Treasurer. The Australian Lions Foundation will disburse funds to District Governor David and his team to use and further assist the victims of fire.

Donations may be collected by Clubs from the public or organisations but if they request a receipt for their donation for tax deductibility purposes, clubs will need to obtain the following information and provide that to their Cabinet Treasurer when they send through their donations.

  • Name of Donor
  • Address of Donor
  • Contact Number
  • Amount of Donation

When the ALF Treasurer receives the donation from your District via your Cabinet Treasurer, a receipt will be issued direct to the donor. The Australian Lions Foundation is able to respond in such a way because of the generosity and willingness of the Lions family in Australia to support those in need.

VP Barry, CC Lou and DG David Daniels meet with a local resident at remains of his home

VP Barry, CC Lou and DG David Daniels meet with a local resident at remains of his home

The State Trustees are liaising with Governors regarding their local situations and we will act in support if called upon.
ALF is working closely with Council Chairman Lou and if further assistance is needed we will be the first to assist.
PDG Glenn Herbert – Chairman

ALF UPDATE 16 January 2013

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