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Lions Christmas Cakes

Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings are an important fundraising project of Lions Clubs in Australia. Funds raised are donated to projects that benefit the community locally, nationally or internationally.

Recommended retail prices:

  • Lions Christmas Cake 1.5kg $17.00
  • Lions Christmas Cake 1kg $13.00
  • Lions Christmas Pudding 900gm $13.00
  • Lions Mini Cake 80gm $2.00

Where to buy Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings

  • To order your Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings and to obtain the name of the participating Lions Club nearest you, please either e-mail or phone your State Coordinator listed below.

State Coordinators

South Australia Tony Matthews 0418 892 445 or
Northern Territory Ken McAloon 0427 160 539 or
New South Wales & ACT Ken Brooks 0427 406 453 or
Queensland John Broad 0413 257 504 or
Tasmania Cheryl Brown 0447 775 706 or
Victoria Terry Parsons 0412 157 842 or
Western Australia Carolyn Middleton 0408 815 091 or

Further information
For further information or assistance with Lions Cakes and Puddings please e-mail:

National Coordinator
PDG Terry Collison
0439 468 786


The Lions Christmas Cake and Pudding program has been a major fund raising project of Lions Australia since 1965 and raised more than $56mill. The proceeds from this project are donated back into the community on great causes including Blindness Prevention and Vision improvement projects, Medical Research, Children’s Mobility Foundation, Eye Health Program, Hearing Dogs, Disaster Relief, Aged Care, Drug Awareness, Youth Programs.

You may rest assured that should you purchase a product from this program the proceeds generated will be put to good use in the community.

Like to know more?
Here is a summary of the  Lions Christmas Cake Program Vision and History

Thank you for supporting the Lions Christmas Cake & Pudding fund raising project.

Terry Collison
National Cake Committee Chairman

Information For Participating Lions Clubs

Manuals and Order Forms are available for Lions Clubs in a password protected area at the link below. For the username and password please contact your District’s Cake Chairman.

Lions Clubs may Download their Order Forms for Cakes and Puddings here


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