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Recycle For Sight Program

Lions Recycle for Sight Australia
Lions Recycle for Sight Australia is part of the Lions Clubs International Worldwide Eyeglass Recycling Program, headquartered in Queensland and operating throughout Australia and overseas.

Young Woman wearing and holding many pairs of glasses

Darcy Coulston-Williams collects used glasses for recycling for Kiewa-Tangam Lions Club

Lions Recycle 4 Sight Australia Inc. is a not for profit volunteer group operating under a direct license issued by the Lions International Board of Directors in 1998 and currently collects close to 600,000 pair a year of used spectacles, sunglasses, new frames, used lens, (used) contact lens and a variety of medical support equipment. The program cleans, grades and labels 450,000 pair annually of used spectacles and sunglasses at our three centres in Queensland. The labelled end product is packed in boxes of 200 pair, half of one prescription and 100 of the next higher prescription, under quality control rules.

We receive requests from humanitarian organisations either travelling to a third world country or supplying shipping container loads of suitable humanitarian aid from Australia to groups in the third world under no cost to the adult or child in the third world receiving the majesty of sight- Sight to see the blackboard and be educated; Sight to be able to work for the family; or sight to be able to support the family.

Many Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and other humanitarian organisations receive our finished result for distribution to poor people overseas in need at no expense or obligation on the recipient.

Over the 26 years that the Australian program has operated, the programme,has delivered over 7 million pair of refurbished quality spectacles to men, women and children in need and without the financial capacity to purchase even the cheapest pair, to many countries in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Indian Sub- continent, East Asia, and the Far East, China, the countries of the Pacific Rim and Southern Asia and Oceania. In the past 10 years several members of our Marine Branch have been able to use their oceangoing yachts to reach and test villagers, in the remotest areas for eyesight and deliver spectacles to them.

The program delivers $100 million dollars of humanitarian aid annually, at no cost to the recipient in the third world; effectively from the East coast of the Americas through the Far East to the West Coast of the Americas . (our USA/Canada partner recycling centres cover the Americas).

Lions Clubs in Australia choose to purchase locally collection boxes considered suitable for their location. Labels, pamphlets and material are emailed upon request to the  or, , or simply mail used spectacles to:

Lions Recycle for Sight, PO Box 3021 CLONTARF MDC 4019.

Lions Clubs can post their collected spectacles and sunglasses (without cases or loose lens), preferably in Lions Christmas Cake Cartons, without cost. Clubs need to contact us to obtain the post free details.

Please add the club or person’s email address in a corner so our team can endeavour to acknowledge receipt.


We receive 10,000 pair a week through our PO Box in boxes from Lions Christmas Cake boxes, cardboard containers, postal envelopes or a single envelope. Many families provide used spectacles no longer suitable for the family or departed relative. Every pair received is refurbished and a person in the third world can now see thanks to that donation.

We received our first lensometer machine in 2000 and today we have 24 current CL300 machines, 12 CL200’s 6 upgraded industrial cleaners, grading machines, lens-cutting,machines and related equipment. Our workforce includes 30 persons on the Commonwealth Work for the Dole programme,4-10 persons on community correction orders and many volunteers.

Two centres operate 3 full days or 5 mornings a week, and the third 5 or 6 days a week. We expect to achieve a throughput of close to one million pair of refurbished spectacles by 2021.

Thanks to Australians who read this short summary or are active collectors of used spectacles, currently 450,000 adults or children in the third world unable to see receive this gift free every year.

Two men and a woman with recycled spectacles

Parcel of recycled spectacles heading to Afghanistan.


The project also acknowledges the support of the Queensland and Australian Governments through their grant and manpower support programs, the Moreton Bay Regional Shire Council and the Police Citizens Youth Welfare League for leasing support.



The gift of sight is the most precious need of children and adults throughout the world.

Become part of the greatest present an Australian can give

New Sight

Check with your local Lions Club or direct to our PO Box

Thank you

Please contact

Chairman Lion Ken Leonard OAM JP(Q), 0418871396,
or Secretary Lion Lee Smith  0414158800 for any advice.
Our address is PO Box 3021 CLONTARF MDC 4019.
Lions Recycle for Sight Australia ABN 37 166 954 081

Recycling for Sight – Lions Club Thank You Video from YWAM Medical Ships on Vimeo.

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