Lions District 201V2
Serving South West Victoria
Lions District 201V2
 Serving South West Victoria
Lions District 201V2
 Serving South West Victoria
Lions District 201V2
Serving South West Victoria
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Latest updates:   Lara New Logo, Warrnambool Convention update, Werribee den - carport erected, Centenary Ball Horsham, Forrest Bulletin, YOTY Final Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.

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Feb-17 V2 Centennial Update Memo

Centennial Club Planning Guide
Centennial Community Legacy Projects Planning Page

LCI Centennial Site Toolbox   CSC Planning PowerPoint
What is the Centennial Service Challenge (CSC)
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Upcoming Events, News & Notices

28-May-17 Lara Centennial BBQ

3-Jun-17 Horsham Centenary Ball

ANZI Forum Ballarat 2017 - ANZI Site

ANZI Ballarat 2017 poster

ANZI 2017 Expressions of Interest

ANZI 2017 Promotion


District Cabinet Meeting Dates


District Changeover dinner will be on Saturday 15th July at Buckleys Entertainment Centre, 54 Fellmongers Road, Breakwater.

3-4-Jun-17 Cabinet Meeting


Lions Club of Lara

21 Feb 17  Jeff, the Lara club President and the Lara team  are proud to celebrate the Lions International Centenary by launching their new logo. 

"What better way to look to the future than to present ourselves to the community with a new image for the 21st Century."

The new logo has the brand name, local club name with a background of the You Yangs.

The District web site is always happy to promote club news and Lara is very helpful by supplying information about events and activities. 



Earlier Events, News & Notices

25-Mar-17 201V2 YOTY Final Flyer Booking Form

13-Mar-17 Horsham Centennial Trots Meeting

Mar 17 YoTY Region Public Speaking Planning

22/26-Jan-17 Geelong Festival of Sails (Lara Lions)

Mar-17 Avalon Air Show (Lara Lions)

26-Feb-17 Benala State Leos Conference

4-5-Feb-17 Cabinet Meeting Macarthur & District Agenda  (Secure) 

Macarthur and Dist Cabinet Meeting -Additional Reports


4-5-Feb-17 Cabinet Meeting Macarthur & District Booking Form 

4-6-Nov-16 Convention - Williamstown

Pocket Agenda

Notices of Motion

6-7 Aug-16 Cabinet Meeting - Altona North

8-9-Oct-16 Cabinet Meeting - Lorne

8-Oct-16 Cabinet Meeting Lorne - Childrens Mobility & Mens Health

October 2016 Cabinet Agenda


Regional Leadership Institute

Melbourne February 24th to 26th 2017

Used hearing aids collection

ANZI Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2016

Emergency Medical Information Book

Geelong-Corio Bay Long walk for leukodystrophy   Map

Jeremy Scott Guest Speaker

Shen Yun - Presentation Opportunity  Irene Comino  Mark Hutchinson

Retention Not Rocket Science

Power Outages  Safety Kit


Lions Victoria Membership Drive Competition 30-May-16 Deadline

3AW audio interview Membership Drive - with Lion John Payne

Meekong River Cruise New Member Competition

Lions vs other service clubs

Building stronger communities SCP

(Werribee SCP Den Project funding)

3AW audio interview Membership Drive - with John Payne

Meekong River Cruise New Member Competition

Lions vs other service clubs

Building stronger communities

Windows 10 Helper Sheet

Vote for Licola Wilderness Village in two specific categories 

(1) Best Customer Service 

(2) Good Access is Good Business

any others you like   Voting Link



Centennial Newsletter


LEHP Letter for Leah


1-Dec-15 Lions Mints Price Increase - Newsletter

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Victorian Lions Foundation new web site

LCI Club Officer Reporting 2015-16

Lions Directory Orders 2015-16

ALCCRF new funding

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How To Apply Grants Workshop

Auspost Community Grants 2015

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Recent Events & Notes


See also Zone and Club news


Bank of Ideas Award

Does your Club have a community project which you think is somewhat unique?

Would you like to share it with other Clubs in our District and at the same time, possibly gain some funds for your Activities Account?

Then contact Cabinet Secretary Cabinet Secretary to find out the criteria and obtain an entry form for the 'Bank of Ideas' Award. This award has been in operation for quite a few years in our District and has showcased some excellent projects from our Clubs.


Past Events


 May 17 <--- Latest district newsletter (all district newsletters)     Join Lions

2016-17 District Team

District Governor Terry Heazlewood & Lions Lady Coral

2016-17 District Cabinet Directory

2016-17 District Governor Visitations

MD201 Hobart Convention May 5th-8th 2017

Link to MD201 Convention News

MD201 Hobart Convention Countdown 2

Hobart Convention V2 Notices of Motion


Read this article in the February edition of the District news letter


2015-16 District Team

Immediate Past District Governor Wayne Oakes and Lion Judi Oakes

2015-16 District Governor Visitations

2015-16 District Cabinet Director

Past District Governor Phillip Johnson & Lions Lady Anne

(Above with (past) International President Joe Preston and Lion Joni Preston)

District Convention 2014 Popeye & Olive

2014-15 District Team

District Officers Fold-Out (corrected)   District Cabinet Profiles 2014-15   Colac Herald article

District 201V2 Directory 2014-15

Centennial Service Challenge (video)

See the LCI newswire to access the highligted links in the following image.

Past District Governor, Stewart Pyers & Lions Lady Carol

Above, (Immediate Past) District Governor Stuart with Lions Lady Carol, 

(Immediate Past) International President Barry Palmer and  Lion Anne.

(Immediate Past) District Governor Stewart Pyers

commences his 2013-14 campaign with a

visit to the Lions Club of Lara on Monday 22

July at the Lara Sporting Club. Check out

the Visits page to catch up with DG Stewart

and Carol as they move around the District

and the Club News page for a photographic

record of visits and other items.

Please ensure that your Club completes their 

'District Governor's OfficialVisit' documentation

and forward to Cabinet Secretary to enable the smooth running for

DG's visits and your Club's presentations etc.

2013-14 District Team

From District Policy & Planning Manual

Promotion Trailer (see District Chairmans page)

From PDG Lou Scholten

"Most of you would have heard me speaking at your Club

about the 'Bionic Institute' to raise funds. We have

received a number of donations, and I would like to thank

you for this. However I would like to ask you if your

Club has not done so to date, could you please consider".

The Bionics Institute is an independent, not-for-profit

research organisation working in the field of medical

bionics. Medical bionics devices are precisely engineered to

work with the human body and offer solutions to

debilitating conditions where other treatments are either unavailable or have been


Formerly the Bionic Ear Institute, in June 2011 it became the Bionics Institute to

reflect fully the range of medical bionics research. The three major research

programmes are:

·  Bionic Hearing: This research programme aims to improve the performance of

 the cochlear implant and hearing aids, and to enable their application to many

 more adults and children with hearing impairments. Specific projects include:

 sound processing research to enhance the perception of music and speech;

 the development of techniques to prevent the degeneration of the hearing

 nerve following deafness; and investigations of how the brain responds

 to long-term artificial stimulation.

·   Bionic Vision: As part of the Bionic Vision Australia consortium, we are

  developing a retinal implant capable of restoring limited vision to people

  suffering from eye diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa. We are using

 our engineering expertise and experience in safety and biocompatibility studies

 to establish safe surgical procedures and effective electrical stimulation

 strategies for the prototype bionic eye.

·  Neurobionics: This research programme aims to develop and evaluate new

 implantable devices to safely and effectively treat people who have severe

 neurological or psychiatric conditions that have not responded to other treatments.

 Our aim is create a flexible medical bionics platform that can be tailored to suit

 a range of conditions including epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and

 obsessive-compulsive disorder.

See: website

CIKA Coach Drive

The CIKA Coach Drive is a fun and adventurous project to raise

vital funds to help in the quest for a cure for childhood cancer.

The original vintage coach pulled by several beautiful draught horses, will be

a sight to behold. Departing from Port Fairy on 10 April 2013, the CIKA Coach

Drive will be to raise $50,000 to purchase a Leica Microscope, a much-needed

piece of state of the art equipment that will enable researchers at Murdoch

Children's Research Institute, research partner of the Royal Children's Hospital,

to analyse solid tumours at a much more advanced level.

With your help, CIKA will be able to achieve this remarkable goal, which will

truly make a difference in the research that is needed to find a cure of childhood


This coach drive is supported by the Lions Club of Macarthur and District

which some of their members will be travelling with the coach.

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